AAccess all the pods that have been released to date. Topics range from figuring out when and if to be honest, how to let go of people-pleasing, and how to truly stand up for yourself. I mean… who doesn’t need that? Exactly. Plus, my sexy-ass hubs (Mr. Smith) is my side-kick and his voice is reason enough to listen. #biased

DDamn near all the pods come from listener topic suggestions. I am aaaaaall about giving you the goods, so hit me up if you want us to sound off on your Q. As long as it’s relevant. I’m soooo not trying to dish biz advice or teach you how to bake or knit. You feel me?



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Stumbled across your podcasts on iTunes after doing a search for “meditation.” I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I have already forwarded them to my partner and my little sister, who equally enjoyed them. You are definitely the boost I have been looking for… Keep being a badass! ~ Sharonda L.


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that your Podcast help me mend my almost four year relationship. We were both on the brink of breaking up when I found your page last Saturday and listened to all of your Podcasts.

In those few hours, I realized that I was sabotaging my relationship. I was gathering evidence, I was setting him up for failure, and I was not excepting that he wasn’t naturally and innately romantic. All of the above. Once I saw what I was doing to this beautiful person, I knew I had to change, IMMEDIATELY.

When I commented on your FB page saying that I did a 360 on my life, I was serious. I have since talked it over with him and we are working on our communication everyday. I really want to thank you and your husband for showing me the errors of my ways. ~ Amy T.