AMY E. SMITH, CHT, CPCC (she/her)



I speak to people ready to re-route their inner shit-talker, relinquish their grip on people-pleasing and what everyone else thinks, and create a new reality of inner confidence and personal power.



    Amy completely mesmerizes and empowers her audience with soul, humor, and sass.

    ~ Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert


    I will share that I felt blessed to have attended an event at which Amy Smith, AKA The Joy Junkie, was a part of a panel of speakers. Amy speaks with a level of clarity, energy and integrity that is almost unmatched by most in the field and as a Traditional Naturopath and a nationally recognized speaker myself, I am not easily moved by anything short of this.

    If you have not had the opportunity to “experience” Amy to date, be sure to make this a priority.

    ~ Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

    Once you see Amy Smith in action, you will never forget her!

    I first experienced Amy on a panel at a seminar and I was instantly impressed by her dynamic personality. From head to toe, she exudes a very “real” energy that’s infectious.

    I love the fact that she is so open to talk about anything in a frank but sensitive way. She makes you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to. She speaks with such clarity and I’ll say “art”. She’s deeply engaging in the way she expresses herself that I feel transfixed! She truly lights up when she talks. If you haven’t experience Amy, you are in for a treat!

    ~ Robin Wethe Altman, Artist

    Anyone who meets Amy will attest to virtually being swept off their feet by her positive energy and enthusiasm for helping people experience more joy.

    Amy was a guest speaker at one of my wellness events and inspired the audience with her creative and enlightening way to take simple steps for achieving goals. No matter what the topic, she is always right on and motivating!

    ~ Caprice Crebar, Health + Wellness Coach

    I have seen many public speakers but none like AMY…. She is the type of person with great presence and as she elaborates on the topic at hand it becomes relatable on personal level.

    Her style is unique and incredibly real. She is energetic, smart, witty, and passionate about life. As a result you will have a strong urge to begin the changes in your life that you have been putting aside. Overall, she will inspire you to be the BEST VERSION of yourself.

    ~ Melina Ruiz, Makeup Artist

    Amy’s dynamic, energetic, honest expression of “soul mates” pulled me in as I found myself inching towards the edge of my seat the first time I heard her speak.

    She leaves room for question, query, and self-reflection as well as new food for thought. She is insightful and beautiful inside and out.

    ~ Dawn Depke, Holistic Health Educator

    It was a true pleasure having Amy as a guest on our show. She is vibrant and well-spoken. Amy motivated our viewers and helped opened their eyes to a new way of life. She is truly a joy!

    ~ Shally Zomorodi, Anchor FOX 5 Morning News

    Amy Smith is a captivating personality with tremendous nuggets of tangible wisdom to offer. I found her to be professional, passionate, and compelling. Amy walks her talk and embodies her own teachings with authentic power.

    ~ Jessica Corbin, Integrated Fitness Specialist

    Amy makes positive life changes seem really easy and tangible. Before I heard her speak I didn’t think I could change any of the awful cards life had given me, but she woke me up and made me believe that I deserved happiness and could not only change the cards I had been dealt, but change the game entirely.

    Now I love my life and I could not have reached this place without her giving me the map of how to get there with her truly amazing words of inspiration. Go ahead, get your happy back and listen to this gem.

    ~ Priscilla Torres, Makeup Artist

    What could I possibly say about Amy, “The Joy Junkie”, other then WOW! She is an engaging and vibrant speaker with an energy that draws you in.

    She has a loving way of giving you the swift kick in the ass you have been needing in your life. No bullshit, no games… Just the real deal! Are you ready to see the true reflection of your life and make a change? If so, then allow Amy to be that mirror for you!

    ~ Andrea Kooiman, Head Coach + Co-Founder of WeRunOCKids.org

    When I went to hear Amy speak, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Call is kismet, or destiny or whatever… but something changed in my life that night.

    Her raw attitude and the way she delivered her passion just resonated with me. She woke something up inside me that said, ‘Hey, you! Pay attention! This is YOU she is talking about!’

    I was in a broken place in my life and feeling very sorry for myself. Amy brought the support I needed… Not with a pity-party, but with a good ass-kicking! I have been stalking her ever since! Her messages empower me to take ownership over ME and MY life. I used to point fingers and play the victim, but with Amy’s ‘kick-in-the-ass’ approach, I am now 100% accountable for the way I show up in every situation and every relationship in my life. I have regained control over my thoughts, my emotions, and my actions in a way that makes ME feel good.

    ~ Jenifer Eddy, Skincare Specialist