I mean, didn’t you JUST listen to that amazing podcast about speaking kindly to yourself? And like/share/double-tap that inspirational meme about loving yourself? I mean, you’re a smart person. Degrees and shit.

 So, why are you so. Damn. Hard. On Yourself?  

After all, you are suuuuuper good at giving all your besties empowering advice, but have a hell-of-a-time doing it yourself.

And maybe you used to be super confident. Maybe you used to not care so much what everyone else thought… Jesus… what happened?

Alright, so tell me if this sounds familiar:

You rarely [if ever] seem to find time for yourself… as in, you never put yourself first. (Like, if you take a moment for yourself, you inner shit-talker GOES OFF: “You should be folding laundry, you should be working out, should be hangin’ with the kids, you should finish that work project, should, should, should, FUCKING SHOULD!”


You often get trapped in the notion of who you’re “supposed” to be. As in, thinking that things would be perfect if you could just get this new biz off the ground, or everyone in your fam thinks you’re “The Strong One” so god-forbid you have a fucking meltdown.


If you make a mistake, spill something, or don’t get a promotion, you immediately yell at yourself… many times outloud. Like, “GOD DAMN IT, {your name here}! What’s your problem!?”


And lord help you if you see someone doing it “right”. (And by “it” I mean anything you kick your own ass about.) Enter the Compare and Despair Gremlin. Not as pretty as her, not as successful as her, not a good pinterest-handmade-halloween-costume-mom like her.


And maybe you’d love to really work on yourself, but you have no idea where to start. I mean, it is kinda noisy out there.


If you’re all, “#Ew. How the hell did you know?! Get outta my head!” it’s actually for a very good reason.

Because I’ve been there too.

So, I get it. I feel you.

I was that girl who was so consumed about how I looked

to others that I completely lost my sense of self.

But on the outside? Oh, honey, on the outside I was #legit.

An amazing job, a killer husband, and personality for days. (And, of course, dope-ass makeup). But on the inside? God damn. I was dying a slow death. I was so driven by my career that I hadn’t realized that I had collapsed my entire sense of self… my total self-worth into my J.O.B.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the comparison shit. I was so insecure about myself that I had a hard time even being around people who were “more successful” than me because my mind immediately went into “You’ll never make it that far” or “You could never do that” and I would get so. Damn. Deflated. (And, I may or may not have drank a little too much whiskey at that time…)

After a very melodramatic, quarter-life breakdown, I had a total epiphany. (Thanks, Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway).

I realized that I really couldn’t go on like this. I couldn’t continue to make everyone else and everything else more important than ME. I couldn’t keep defining my entire self-worth by my job, and I sure-as-shit had to start being nicer to myself. Like, yesterday.

I began to get involved in this whole woo-woo personal development thing and low and behold, I found out that I actually had a say in the matter. I actually had the power to do whatever the hell I wanted with my life. And damn that felt waaaay better than depending on everyone else to like me.

And you know what happened then?

I actually started to like myself. And after that?

 I actually began to love myself.  

And, you can do the same.

Yeah. No Shit. I’ll totally show you how.

Allow me to introduce you to…

A 21-day coaching intensive designed to teach you how to:


  Stop talking mad-shit to yourself

  Cultivate serious self-love and self-worth and

  Let go of attachment to what everyone else thinks


Before this course I cared a lot about the opinions of others and what they thought about my personal development and wanting to not rock the boat with my opinions. I can say and do what I think is right for me and not feel guilty about wanting to better myself.

When I found out about this course I didn’t even read through the whole info page; I just purchased right away because I knew this was something that would help me. I love your energy and I can relate so much to so many things that you say.

I just want to say thank you for the encouragement and the real talk you give because it honestly means so much and has helped me so much.

~ Yolanda Gurule, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Just being in your presence, Amy, has been a source of motivation and healing for me. You are one of those people who lead by example and walk your talk. 


I know your example is one I value and greatly appreciate. Thank you for the kind words shared, love and the encouragement exchanged.

~ Teresa Capaldo, San Francisco, California

In Excuse Me, Your Badass is Showing: SELF-LOVE EDITION Home Study Program you’ll learn:

How to stop being so mean to yourself. You’ll learn how to catch your inner shit-talker and switch up that internal conversation so that you start saying empowering things to yourself. Like, on the regular. (ie. No more beating yourself up for the weight you’ve gained or the interview you blew. Or for spilling that coffee.)

How to feel like “ENOUGH”. You’ll learn how to separate your goals from your self-worth. You’ll stop thinking that “as long as that one dude likes me, then I must be pretty enough” or “as long as I get that promotion, then I must be smart enough”. Flipping that script, baby!

How to stop caring sooooo much what everyone else thinks. For instance, you’ll stop saying “yes” to a bunch of shit you don’t want to do (like working over-time or baking 400 cupcakes for your kid’s class) and you’ll also learn my 5-step process to dealing with rejection without being completely destroyed by it.

How to stop (constantly) comparing yourself to others. You’ll learn my favorite tool for letting go of the comparison trap and how to stay focused on what you DO want instead of getting sidetracked by the “I’m not good enough” syndrome.

How to fall in love with yourself. All of the concepts above are designed to help you create a completely different relationship with yourself. Like, one where you actually like yourself. And you speak kindly to yourself. You’ll learned how to forgive your past mistakes and you won’t be nearly as invested in what everyone else thinks.





  • No more speaking to yourself like a big ‘ol meanie
  • No more apologizing for who you are
  • No more being consumed by what others think
  • No more constantly comparing yourself to others




  • Feeling like “enough” and treating yourself like a bestie
  • Really, truly LOVING who you are
  • Caring about what YOU want more than what others think
  • Forgiving yourself for the past and confidently moving into your badass future
  • And feeling seriously fucking proud of yourself

Ready for some serious self-love?




If I’m an introvert, a bit awkward, not too social in social situations, so be it – that is just who I am and I’m really starting to feel okay with that… And, I am letting the opinions of others belong to them, whether those opinions even exist in the first place or not!


Thanks for this incredible course; I’m looking forward to my journey and to delve in to more!


~ Jane Kim, California 

Before this course, I was feeling very stuck in my life… What I have learned is even though I can’t change things immediately, I can change the way I react to situations, and how I view things and talk to myself. I’m now working on re-framing how I talk to myself and how I view my life and am feeling happier… less stuck.


This course is an in-depth look at how you talk to yourself, digging deep into your feelings around self worth, self talk, and comparison and how changing your perception, working on loving yourself, and how you talk to yourself can lead to greater happiness.

~ Chrissy Rosenfeld, San Diego, California

So, who am I and why should you listen to me?

Have I not introduced myself yet? #rude.

My name is Amy Smith and I teach aspiring badasses (you) how to stand up for themselves (and LIKE themselves in the process) without being assholes.

I believe that the key to unlocking killer self-love is about learning to speak kindly to yourself (instead of being such a #bully), creating a new definition of self-worth where you are “enough” (I can help with that, btw), and learning to let everyone else’s shit be. Their. Shit. Period.

Through my 7+ years as a coach, speaker, and podcaster I have helped hundreds of people unlock all the shit that stifles our happiness. Of course you need more than that, so here are a few more reasons why you should listen to me [grin]:


  • Everything I teach you in this course I have seen work miracles in people’s lives… because you need results, not theory.


  • I’m actually a legitimately trained life coach. Yeah. No shit. Certified and credentialed. Boom.


  • I have many thrilled, previous students who RAVE about the results these classes have made in their lives [like those up there + all over this page].


  • I’m known to over-deliver. Tons of rich content. Tons of bonuses. You’ll be like, I can’t believe I didn’t have to give up my first born for these goods.


  • I speak your language. F-bombs and drinking analogies abound.

Before this course, I felt like I had to explain and validate all of my decisions to others.

I feel so empowered after taking this course. When I’m caught in a weird conversation, I used to stumble on my words, give lengthy explanations to validate my choices to others, etc. and I’ve already noticed a huge difference in how I handle these conversations. I don’t have to explain myself to anyone and I don’t have to please everyone or hide my true feelings in conversation.

I feel like I have better relationships than ever before with my husband, co-workers, clients, family members, friends, pretty much everyone, because of Amy, this course, and her awesome support!

~ Jillian Ryan, Mesa, Arizona


Before this course, I was very hooked into ‘people-pleasing’. Amy has taught me that it is okay to stand up for myself, how to do it with respect, and how to allow others to be responsible for their own reactions

My biggest takeaways are giving myself permission, to have my own life, to own my decisions, to have had my own experiences, to not have to enter into an uncomfortable conversation just to make the other person happy.

~ Yvonne Chittle, Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada

Want to know the 21-day class breakdown?

Of course you do.

Week 1


(aka Stop Talking Shit to Yourself)

Right off the bat, we’ll have a serious come-to-jesus with your inner shit-talker. You’ll get suuuper clear on how you’ve been knocking yourself down and you’ll have tools to flip that script and start speaking kindly to yourself. As in, not constantly telling yourself that you aren’t as pretty as so-and-so or not as good of a parent as your neighbor. This week will also call bullshit on the rules you’ve made up for yourself (like the rule of “I can’t play, if I can’t win” type of stuff) and you’ll also be granting yourself heaps of permission.

Week 2


(aka Liking Yourself Even When Shit Sucks)

Been beating yourself up for your past? You can’t truly love and value yourself if you are determined to make yourself PAY for the past. This week will give you an exact, proven exercise to target forgiveness so you can move forward and be proud of yourself. This lesson also includes my absolute favorite tool on how to untangle the idea of “as long as I’m loved, then I’ll be valuable” or “once I get that job, then I’ll be happy” or “if I could just lose this last 15 lbs., then I’ll be worthy”. This week also includes a hot date… with YOURSELF!

Week 3


This week is all about taking what you’ve uncovered from week’s 1 + 2 and seeing how it impacts your engagement with others. You’ll learn how to give yourself permission to be really attached to the people in your life without taking responsibility for how they feel and/or how they perceive you. This lesson includes two of my most popular tools in distancing yourself from the people-pleasing poison (ie. No more taking on anyone else’s shit!) and will also give you a 5-step system to powerfully deal with rejection and criticism… instead of being destroyed by them.

Ready for some serious self-love?



What’s included in the course?


Each week, you will have an audio lesson to listen to which will address one of the topics you see in the 21-Day Breakdown above.


To supplement your weekly lessons, you will receive structured and strategic worksheets to help you digest and implement your learning.


After the conclusion of each audio lesson, you will have a challenge to focus on for the week. This is where your learning meets ACTION.

Immediately upon registration, I will send you a zip file containing absolutely ALL your program materials from audio lessons and worksheets. You will have them forevah-evah, so you can always refresh and revisit when needed.

With your registration you will also receive all the bonuses you see below! Um… yes, please! 

MoniqueBefore this course, I needed ways to deal with people in my life that caused me stress or anxiety.

Amy taught me that it’s not my responsibility to make these people happy, and that as long as I show up as my authentic self, any situation I encounter with them can be a success.enter text here

ALSO that I can want whatever the f*ck I want, as long as I don’t place my happiness solely in the act of GETTING that thing that I want 🙂 I fully recommend this course to women who are struggling with low confidence, anger issues, and self-esteem issues.

~ Monique Muro, Berwyn, Illinois

Um… Did you say bonus?


Completely free with your registration, you will receive immediate access to this awesome getting started audio which is designed to prepare you mentally, spiritually, and logistically so you get the absolute most from your program. 

ipodhorizontal_600x400 (2)BADASS BONUS #2

Also completely free with your registration, you will receive immediate access to this exclusive, private interview which will help you address boundaries inside your intimate partnership. A perfect supplement to your course, this gem will help you stand up for yourself with grace and personal power.

Ready for some serious self-love?



Need a guarantee?

I totally feel you. Listen, I whole-heartedly believe in this work and the results it can create in your life. For that reason, if you get through the week 1 content (including the bonuses) and decide that the course just isn’t for you, just let us know and we’ll happily give you your full tuition back. And you can keep all the bonuses, of course. So, yeah, I’m pretty confident in this work. I will, however, ask you to submit your week 1 worksheets as proof of your good college-try. Additionally, due to the digital nature of this program, I will not issue refunds for changes of mind or changes of circumstance. I expect you to be intentional about putting YOU first and doing the work. 

(*any request for refund must be submitted no later than 14 days post purchase date. For a full explanation of this policy, please visit this page.)

Amy, thank you so much for creating this space, and the energy around it. Tangible and amazing. This opportunity has come to me in what I could safely say is the most emotionally testing time of my life. A range of personal heartbreaks and professional challenges… I have been in some very dark places, and my work is certainly not done.




My biggest lesson is that the work is never done and self-vigilance in self-care is vital. Feel what you need to feel. I’m looking forward to revisiting each lesson and gaining strength for better times ahead. I cannot thank you enough for your support, kindness and bravery. Thank you with all my heart.

~ Leah Jane Anderson, New South Wales, Australia

A’s to your Q’s:

I’m going to be out of town, will I get too far behind?

Absolutely not. Why? Because there is actually no such thing as “behind” in this program. Because it is digital, you are totally able to go through the lessons on your own time and at your own pace. If life gets in the way, you can certainly create a schedule that works for you as you will have the course forevah!

How much time will the lessons take per week?

This completely varies depending on how deep you want to go. The audio lessons are around 30ish minutes, and beyond that, it really comes down to how much time you want to spend digging into the worksheets and focusing on your challenges. I would say blocking out 2 hours a week would be a good place to start. Remember, this is about making YOU a priority.

How do I know this will work for me?

Listen, you can hire a personal trainer, learn all about eating healthy, and learn the best exercises for you and then do jack-shit with that info. This class is all about ACTION. If you are willing to dig deep and IMPLEMENT what you learn, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t dramatically change your self-love and take a serious stand for yourself.


I have seen hundreds of people do it. And, I’ve done it myself. You can too. But, I’ll be god-damned if I fight harder for your life than you do. Show up, implement, and you will totally blow yourself away with what you are capable of.

Does it matter if I'm located outside of the U.S. or Canada?

Nope! Due to the digital/virtual nature of this course, you can participate in the program completely at your own pace AND in your own time zone. All your materials will be available 24/7, so all time zones are welcome! It won’t make a bit of difference!

If I've already taken one of your programs, will I still benefit?

Come on. You know what I’m going to say here, right? We are on a constant, evolving journey. We’re never done. You may hear some similar tips and tools, but chances are it will benefit you to hear them again… or apply them in new ways. In fact, there will probably be things that land totally differently this time around. Some of the best learning I’ve received is from reading the same book over and over or listening to the same audios over and over. If you have worked through any of my other programs, this will absolutely push you in different ways.

Do I get lifetime access?

Absolutely. Upon purchase, I will send you a zip file containing all the class audio lessons and worksheets so you can download them and have them forever. #yourewelcome

What are your coaching credentials?

I am certified through an extensive coaching certification program from The Coaches Training Institute; one of the most reputable coaching establishments to date and hold a CPCC designation (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). Additionally, I hold an ACC (associate certified coach) credential from the International Coaching Federation which is the governing body that oversees and regulates the coaching profession. So, yeah. #legit

What tech do I need to know for this course?

Your audio lessons are delivered in MP3 format with two options: You can choose to download the file to your computer and then to iTunes or your audio listening platform of choice or you can simply click the LISTEN NOW link and you will be able to listen via online streaming.


Your weekly worksheets will be given to you in PDF format which can either be printed out or filled in online.


So, the short answer is “not much”. You basically need to be able to click on things and have access to internet connection. Lol.

Is there any live coaching involved?

I wanted to create a series of virtual courses at an extremely reasonable cost so I could accommodate everyone who wanted a piece of the badass action. In order to maintain the low cost, there is no live coaching involved. If you know you need one-on-one support, please check out my other coaching options.

What is your refund policy?

Listen, I completely and wholeheartedly stand behind my work and my offerings. If you work through the first week’s materials and are unsatisfied with the value you receive for the cost, I will happily refund your tuition cost.


I will, however, request that you show me/submit your week 1 worksheets as proof that you gave it the good college-try. I will not, however, issue returns just because you changed your mind as I expect that you do your due diligence and have full intention to put YOU first and complete the program. I must be notified no later than 14 days after your purchase, by 11:59pm PACIFIC for a full refund. For a full explanation of this policy, please visit this page.

Are men permitted to join this course? Seems like only ladies 'round here...

Oh, hell yes! Men are absolutely welcome! Although I do many collaborative projects that cater to women only, all of my Joy Junkie branded programs are open to both men and women!

Ready for some serious self-love?



I’ve taken other courses and none have been as practical as this one. It changed me so deeply in such little time. I love the support and presence from Amy as well as the concrete results from doing the exercises. This course is for you if you want to feel freer, love yourself, and value your self-worth.

~Silvana Luna, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

I loved this course! Amy, her tools, and her support, and her kindness were all fantastic! I am excited to have started this journey and feel that this course has gotten closer to being the person I want to be in this world! I will listen to the recordings many, many times! Grateful for Amy and her work!

~ Sara Johnson-Cardona, St. Louis, Missouri

Ummmm… guys! You HAVE to check out this chick I’m following. Amy Smith – she is amazing! She has this super high positive energy that encourages you to be you. It’s great, it’s like she is in your head and has all the tools for you to overcome those times when you are feeling a little insecure. She totally uses all the “fluffy” new age shit, but in the most real, authentic, powerful way. Check. It. Out.

~ S.E., Provo, Utah

Before this course I felt alone and stuck and mostly afraid. Then Amy taught me specific concepts, reasons for certain feelings and tools to work through/face those feelings. Now my life is changing; I’m looking at how I want it to be and working on making changes.

~ Abbie Stevenson, Boston, Massachusetts

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One of the biggest areas I struggle with is having healthy boundaries or not having any at all! With Amy’s classes I have been able to discover what my core values are and actually apply what I’ve learned in real life situations.


Once I discovered what some of my core values were and what I was not willing to compromise on, I had the courage to value myself enough to say ‘No’!



I am now able let go of things that were holding me back and move forward with what is truly important to me to be more successful and happy with my life.  The information she shares is life-changing! I love your willingness to get down and dirty to help other women discover who they really are and have fun doing it! I trust what you’re about and I completely support you in what you and the Joy Junkie have to offer!


~ Cheryl Belajonas, Los Angeles, California

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