How Self-Love Affects Your Relationships [TJJS:EP181]

Self-love affects your relationships

Self-love affects your relationships

RRecently, in one of my classes, the topic came up about how our relationships start to change as we get further and further into personal development. Sometimes you come up against some opposition from a handful of peeps in your life who don’t really love the “new, empowered you”… The “you” who is setting boundaries. The “you” who is standing up for themselves. And, we’ve discussed this on the pod in the past as a very real growing pain of pushing yourself to be the person you want to be in this world… as opposed to what everyone else wants.

But… something we haven’t talked about as much on the pod is the multitude of other ways that your relationships start to change as you begin to grow and take a stand for yourself. And, often, when you’re in the painful, murky waters of looking at all your shit, you just want to know that something good is going to be on the other side. I mean… tell me that I will love my life even if I’m setting all these boundaries… it won’t always be this hard, right? RIGHT!? 

So, this week, I thought I would dig into 6 ways that self-love radically impacts your relationships FOR THE BETTER. So, that you can look at this journey through the lens of what you’re gaining instead of what feels painful. Have a listen and change your perspective on this challenge we call Personal Growth.

This pod explores:

  • How loving yourself changes how you address what you need in a given relationship
  • How self-love changes how much you blame others (like, if only my mom wasn’t such a nag… )
  • How valuing yourself changes the sorts of relationships you are willing to tolerate
  • The absolute BEST side effect of cultivating your worth and self-love (Hint: It involves other badasses)



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