I’m Not Ready! Putting Yourself Out There When You’re Scared Shitless [TJJS:EP192]

putting yourself out there

putting yourself out there


SSo, maybe you want to start dating again. Or perhaps you’re dying to start your own biz. Or maybe you’re dying to lose that damn extra weight. Or apply for your dream job. Or fill-in-the-blank. And yet, you haven’t started yet because this voice in your head screams, “I’m not ready!!”

So, you put it off a bit longer with a litany of excuses. “I’ll start dating again after I lose 20 pounds.” “I’ll start my biz after I take another marketing course.” “Well, I can’t go back to the gym until I’ve built up more muscle.” I mean… Sound familiar?

Listen, trust. I get it. Putting yourself out there is scary as all shit. But like Michael Jordan says, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” It’s not about being perfect, and it’s not even about being really ready, it’s simply about taking action. In spite of your fear.

This week on the pod, I’m joined by my dear friend and colleague, Becca Tracey, as we dig into the major hurdles we face as we start to get ourselves out into the world and how we can look fear in the face and still choose bravery and action.

This pod explores:

  • Becca’s personal story of bravely starting her business in a van (yes, you read that right) and how that was the best choice to get her into action
  • The biggest lie people buy into about “being ready” to put themselves out there
  • What separates the “DOers” from the “Not Readys”
  • How to navigate fear that arrises when you attempt something new and scary



Want to know how the EFF to actually get clients in this whole online business world? It’s not as hard as it might seem if you’re focusing on the RIGHT actions. SO many new businesses owners struggle to get off the ground, and it’s usually because they are making one of a few VERY common mistakes. Don’t be one of them! Seriously – there are a few easy changes you can make to help you get more clients now in half the time. My friend Becca is doing a free training where she will teach you what you need to be focusing on if you want to start bringing in more clients right now. 

Want the specifics? Of course you do. Simply swing by this page or click the image above to grab your FREE seat!


RRebecca Tracey opened Uncaged back in 2011 and has worked with hundreds of coaches, consultants, and freelancers to help them Uncage their businesses and their lives. She has learned what it takes to start from nothing but an idea and build it into something amazing – a business that makes you (great) money, gives you the freedom and lifestyle you crave, and lets you do work you LOVE… all without TOO much hair pulling and ugly crying. She helps online business owners create solid business foundations, and is often found working with a huge mug of tea and no pants on. Find her at TheUncagedLife.com

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