Why Love Is Not All You Need [TJJS:EP244]

Love Is Not All You Need

love is not all you need

WWe’ve all heard the popular phrase and song lyric, “All you need is love”, but how factual is this statement really? Not very. A romantic idea? For sure. But factual? I find that many people falsely assume that if they are in love with someone, then everything else should come really easily. Um… No.

In this episode, I dig into why being soul-mates or being madly in love with each other doesn’t always equal relationship success. Along with input from Mr. Smith, I delve into why emotions of “love” can lock us into blindness and cause relationship turmoil.

So what DO you need to keep a relationship thriving, happy, and healthy? I’m so very glad you asked, Buttercup. In this episode, I share five necessary components, other than love, that ensure success in intimate partnerships. Plus, these five components are all about shifts in focus, not massive time investments, so you pretty much have no excuse NOT to make your relationship totally badass. #yourewelcome

This pod explores:

  • How love is “blind” and why some soul-mates are toxic for one another
  • What it truly means to respect your partner and be respected in return
  • How to maintain your relationship on a daily basis
  • Why you don’t always have to “grow together”
  • Simple ways to employ “niceties” and kindness in your relationship


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