Learning to Trust When You Really Don’t Want To [TJJS:EP185]

learning to trust

learning to trust


TThis week’s episode comes to you courtesy of a listener submission asking how to cultivate trust in relationships when one has created a reality of building up walls and allowing very few people “in”. Sound familiar?

Learning to trust? Sure. I’ll get right on that.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe people say nice things to you and you always question their motives. Maybe you have a tendency to distrust your partner because your ex was an asshole. Maybe you have a hard time making new friends because deep down you’re worried about being judged or abandoned like your parents did to you in your youth. If any of that sounds eerily familiar, babe, you are certainly in good company.

This week, I look at 6, specific [baby] steps you can take in order to alter your relationship to trust without, you know, feeling super unsafe and freaking-the-fuck-out. Believe it or not, you may actually have a ton of evidence around you that people can be trusted… you just haven’t been looking for that “proof”. Have a listen and learn how to know who to trust, what that actually looks like, and what sweet connection awaits you when you do.

This pod explores:

  • Why you need to stop saying “I have trust issues”
  • How to forgive those who have caused you to distrust, even though you’re still pissed at them
  • How to gather evidence of the trustworthiness all around you
  • The #1 phrase to listen for that your inner shit-talker will surely start using on you as you begin this process



Join me for a totally FREE (and totally awesome) virtual workshop where you’ll learn:

  How to actually feel like “enough”I mean, how on earth!?

  How to stop your inner shit-talker dead in her tracks and have rock-solid tools to change that inner narrative (you know the one… that incessant mind chatter… UGH)

  How to stop sabotaging yourself with the need to be “perfect” (yes, YOU!)

  How to actually craft empowering mantras that don’t feel like a bullshit lie (It’s totally possible and I’ll show you my go-to formula!)

You in? Of course you are! Simply swing by this page or click the image above to secure your seat!

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