How To Stop Putting Everyone Before Yourself (Without Being An Asshole) [TJJS:EP249]

Stop Putting Everyone Before Yourself

stop putting everyone before yourself

IIf it’s not your kids who need something from you, then it’s your boss. If it’s not your boss, then it’s your partner. If it’s not your partner, it’s your neighbor… or your sister or bestie or whoever else. And here you are in a cycle of being a yes-man/woman, constantly putting everyone in front of yourself and doing, doing, doing for everyone else, leaving you empty AF. Not to mention exhausted. And HELLO, Irritability!

If you’ve found yourself in this cycle, let me just say that you are soooo not alone. Our society is constantly telling us that we need to do and be everything for everyone and that faulty cycle is damn-near always a recipe for burnout, exhaustion, and overall unhappiness.

But, help is on the way. In this episode, I cover off six specific tactics you can use to start making yourself important again. And, don’t worry, you’re not going to all of a sudden “let everyone down” and be wracked with guilt. Have a listen and learn simple steps you can take TODAY to start making yourself a priority and, spoiler alert, you’ll actually be a way better person/sibling/parent/colleague/friend because of it.

This pod explores:

  • How your perspective around self-care may be costing you your happiness
  • How to use your voice in small ways that will dramatically increase your self-worth
  • One of my favorite tools for speaking up without “opening a can of worms”
  • Your number one source of support that you are likely overlooking



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