How to Play Nice with The Universe & Get What You Want

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly been bombarded with thoughts, theories and conversations around The Universe and manifestation… how it works, how it doesn’t work… and if you’re like me, you are probably still a bit confused. How ‘bout if we leave science to the physicists for the time being and actually look at what YOU can do to play a bigger game… to actually CREATE the reality that you want? Let’s assume The Universe (God, Source, Higher Power, whatevs…) already has your back and it’s simply up to you to have your own back. So…

The Universe can’t play a bigger game until you do.
-Amy E. Smith

Here’s the deal: If you are spoutin’ off to the Universe that you want something to manifest in your life, but then do nothing to cultivate that desire, or even worse, DO THE EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE, the Universe has zero power in delivering you your desire. Period. For instance, if you are saying that your greatest desire is to find your one true love… your soulmate, but keep settling for relationships that are less than fulfilling, then YOU have already chosen your future. How the hell can the Universe deliver your soulmate, if you are hell-bent on cluttering up your space with half-assed suitors? YOU have to take a fierce stand about what you will and won’t entertain, tolerate, or participate in, in order for the Uni to cash in on your order.

Perhaps you are looking for more rich and rewarding friendships. But you are scared to death to let go of many friendships or connections that no longer serve you. It’s like a massive slap in the Universe’s face. It’s like saying, “Yeah, Uni, I really want that, but I’m going to leave everything to you because I’m a pussy and I’m not willing to help you out at all.” It’s similar to saying, “What I reeeeeally want is to lose weight, but I’m just not willing to eat healthy.” Do yourself a favor… Help the Universe out. Give him/her/it a little help by clearing the shit you DON’T want from your life. It goes out as a massive signal that you are no longer willing to entertain shit that doesn’t serve you. Listen. YOU have to do your part.

Alright, so let’s say you decide that you are going to take a stand for that thing you really say you’re desiring. Maybe it’s your dream job. You’re done complaining about how much you hate your job. You begin taking action. You start crafting your escape plan. You start putting in resumes elsewhere or going back to school for more education or plan to open your own biz. You start showing the Uni that you’re willing to do your part. Then this crazy thing seems to happen right when you start to grow a pair.

You get a test. A massive, fucking test.

A test to see if you will actually fight hard for what you say you really want. What happens? You get delivered a sub-par option. The company you work for offers you a raise. Or the deadbeat you’ve been dating shows some potential. That friendship that has always been one-sided has a good week. Something that tempts you to settle. Again, recognizing that I am no physicist, this is what I think is happening… I think it is a test from the Universe to see how big of a game you are willing to play. It’s like he/she/it is saying, “Alright, Smitty, show me how far you are willing to go to take a stand for what you reeeeeally want. You have a safety route here. An easy way out. Which leads to more mediocrity and stagnation. What’s it going to be?”

Then the throw-down happens.

This is when you have to pull out your big-girl/boy pants and actually follow-thru on your initial request. You will be scared. You will be nervous. Do it anyway. This is the crossroads point. The point where you either settle for the half-ass relationship, the half-ass job, or the half-ass friendship. OR you don’t. You actually say NO. You gear up, look that fear in the face, and let the Uni know you are READY to have the life you claim you want. And you are going to SHOW it. With your actions. With your energy. And largely, by what you decide to no longer tolerate.

By letting go of what’s comfortable in order to have the extraordinary.
By relinquishing control and leaning into faith.
By letting go of seeing “the how” and being willing to be surprised.
And uncomfortable.

But here’s the sad truth: Most people are too paralyzed by their own fear of the unknown that they choose a life a mediocrity. They decide that it’s too scary to end the relationship or quit the job. The let the “what if’s” rule. They choose comfortable. And then while playing pathetically small, spend time wonder why the Universe never gives them what they want.


So, my friend… What’s it going to be for you? How uncomfortable are you willing to be to actually have an extraordinary, fulfilling, rich and delicious life? The good news is that it’s totally up to you. As soon as you get fierce, the Universe is right there. Ready to meet your fierceness.

Stop getting in your own. Fucking. Way. Spoils await.