How to Manifest Your Soulmate – Part 1 [TJJS:EP202]

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manifest your soulmate

manifest your soulmate

RRecently, a super sweet PODiance member wrote in to the show and the subject line of her email was “How to Manifest a Mr. Smith”. Of course, we were extremely flattered, but it got me thinking about what it really takes to manifest your soulmate. I mean… are some people just lucky and everyone else is screwed? Hardly.

Here’s the deal… no one ever teaches us how to prepare ourselves to be in a relationship. So, what happens? We usually just jump in and learn as we go… over-riding our intuition, ignoring warning signs, and inevitably taking on a bunch of “projects”.

In this pod, I’ll have you dig into your deepest, truest desires for a partner. You’ll uncover what he/she looks like, acts like, what your life looks like together, and who you intend to be inside your relationship. We’re dreamin’ this week and next week we’ll be schemin’.

This episode is the first of a two-part series I have created to equip you will all the tools nessessary to summon up your soulie. Don’t worry… you don’t have to chant, or burn anyone’s hair, or pray to an alter. In fact, you already have everything you need. Intrigued? Duh. Have a listen.

This pod explores:

  • What to do with your pesky Inner Critic while you manifest your soulie (the one who tells you you’re being too picky and unrealistic… yeah, you know the one)
  • The number one reason why you haven’t found your heart’s twin yet (and it’s super simple to fix!)
  • My favorite exercise I’ve given clients and students to manifest their partner and I shit you not, I’ve been invited to five weddings because of it! (One I even officiated!)
  • Why you HAVE to tell the universe what you want in a partner (because the opposite SUCKS!)



Free Worksheet

Did you grab your free cheat-sheet that accompanies this episode? Get on it, Babycakes! Here’s the deal: our brain takes things waaaaay more seriously when we get out of our heads and get our thoughts/commitments out on paper. It’s like, science.
So, OF COURSE I want you to make some serious changes and start #manifesting, so be sure you have your Pod #202 worksheets with you while you (re) listen to this pod so you can get into some serious action. Trust… if you just listen and don’t DO, you’re not going to manifest shit.
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