How to Manifest Shit [TJJS:EP 194]

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manifest shit

manifest shit

EEven though it’s not quite as popular as it was a handful of years ago, I find that people are still really interested in the Law of Attraction and what it really takes to actually manifest shit in your life.

I mean… do you just state what you want and magically the Universe just drops it at your doorstep? Um, obviously not. If that was how it worked we would all be sporting some fabulous Jimmy Choos, chillin’ at a Beyonce concert(s), having killer spouses (and sex), and only amazing-ass friendships. So, just deciding what you want to manifest is only a small piece of the manifestation puzzle.

In this episode, I share my 5-step system to manifesting damn-near anything you desire. No really. But, guess what? It’s going to take action. And planning and willingness and commitment. And maybe even some tough choices. But, honey, you DO have the pow-ah to create some serious magic. #trust

This pod explores:

  • What the universe needs to hear from you when you declare your desired goal
  • How to identify the clutter you need to eliminate to make space for what you really want
  • What it means to get into “inspired action” and why this is CRUCIAL to making shit happen
  • Why dismissing compliments and/or support from others may be seriously stifling your manifestation



Free Worksheet

Did you grab your free cheat-sheet that accompanies this episode? Get on it, Babycakes! Here’s the deal: our brain takes things waaaaay more seriously when we get out of our heads and get our thoughts/commitments out on paper. It’s like, science.
So, OF COURSE I want you to make some serious changes and start #manifesting, so be sure you have your Pod #194 worksheets with you while you (re) listen to this pod so you can get into some serious action. Trust… if you just listen and don’t DO, you’re not going to manifest shit.
Plus, I’ve custom-made you some dope-ass screensavers in multiple sizes to help you cement what you are learning. Hello! So, clickety-click RIGHT HUURRR or click that image above to get your freebies sent directly to your inbox! #yourewelcome



I’m deeply honored (and just stuuuuupid excited) to the be the keynote speaker for the latest breakfast event held by Leadership in Heels in Costa Mesa, California. This event’s topic is The Power of the Decision and I’ll be talking all about how to make powerful choices in your life without being weighed down by what everyone else may think. Yes, even your mom.

This event will be held on Thursday, March 30th, 2017 from 7-9am and includes breakfast! Hello! There will be panel discussions, raffle prizes, and #obvi a keynote presentation! I would love to meet you if you are able to make it! Click the image to the above or go right ovah HERE to grab your ticket! And be sure to introduce yourself!

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