I NEED CLOSURE! How to Stop Waiting for Closure + Start Creating Your Own [TJJS:EP286]

How To Get Closure

how to get closure

EEver find yourself attached to the idea that you really need closure for something you’ve experienced? Maybe you have a friend who ghosted you and you’re left wondering what-the-hell happened. Maybe you are plagued by needing to know the real reason you were let go from the job. Or maybe you are still waiting on an apology from a family member… or an ex.

Our brain naturally wants a conclusion to the stories of our life, so if you feel like you’ve been left hanging, it can feel damn-near impossible to “move on” unless you get the closure you are craving. What we often don’t realize is that placing so much emphasis on the other person actually renders us powerless. Think about it… we’re essentially saying “I can only be happy and move on if this other person magically gives me what I want.” That’s a shit ton of power to give away, my love.

Here’s the great news: There are actually plenty of things you can do, like today, to cultivate your own element of closure. This episode will walk you through five ways you can change your notion about what you need to move on, harness your personal power, and get on with your badass life already!

This pod explores:

  • How to nail down the real reason you’re holding on
  • Figuring out exactly what you need to DO to feel at peace closing this chapter
  • The one thing you are probably avoiding that will catapult your healing like you wouldn’t believe
  • How to create your own closure ritual… because, you know… PERSONAL POWER



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