5 Steps to a Healthy Body Image [TJJS:EP193]

healthy body image

healthy body image


UUnless you’ve reached monk-like peace with your body, chances are you have gone to blows with that lovely bag of bones that moves your spirit around this planet. Perhaps it’s your weight, or maybe your skin, or even an ailment or disease, but whatever the case, if you’re like most people, you have found yourself angry at your body… and maybe even downright hateful.

We gain weight; we talk shit to our bodies. We have breakout; we tell the person in the mirror how gross she is. Our health wanes, and we tell our body it is betraying us. We often have vitriolic relationships with our bodies and in turn, with ourselves. And, then we continue to collude with others who hate their hips or arms or we find others who wants to play a game of “you think that’s bad… at least you don’t have…” and it becomes an ailment comparison game. Um… no one really wins that game. We keep the scales in our bathroom and compare ourselves to people on Facebook. All things we can totally control, btw.

In this episode, I look at five steps you can take TODAY to begin healing this broken relationship. And, I’m not going to tell you to just love the extra 50 pounds or “make peace” with your bad back. It just may be a refreshing new perspective you haven’t considered.

This pod explores:

  • The few statements you MUST stops saying if you want to make friends with your bod
  • How to separate your circumstance (being overweight or sick) from your relationship with your body… This is really a thing!
  • How to come to your body’s rescue… especially if you’ve made a big mess
  • The exact language I use to speak to my body (And, no it’s not ‘you’re so beautiful and I love you’)

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