6 Ways To Get Through Shitty Situations Like A Boss [TJJS:EP252]

Get Through Shitty Situations

get through shitty situations

SShit has officially hit the fan. You just got laid off… or fired. You just went through a break-up. You lost someone super close to you. You got passed up for the promotion you thought you nailed. You just found out you have a condition that will require a scary-ass surgery. Your kid just got in legal trouble.

We’ve all been there. Up against seemingly insurmountable odds. Feeling like the only perspective is one of “well, my life fucking sucks”. Not a silver lining in sight. So, what is one to do when up against such challenges? So glad you asked.

In this episode, I cover off six, specific strategies you can employ to flip that frown upside down. (That was super lame, I know.) Believe it or not, all is not lost and there are actual steps you can take to get through this rough patch like a boss. You know… instead of downing a bottle of wine all by yourself on a Tuesday morning at 9am.

This pod explores:

  • How to change your perspective around your circumstance even when it feels completely impossible
  • My favorite “challenge” to give yourself that will totally change how shitty you feel
  • How to set yourself up for success during this rough chapter in ways that may not have occured to you
  • What self-care really looks like during these seasons [hint: it’s not bubble baths and mani/pedis]


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