Want to start standing up for yourself… 

without  being a dick?

  • Learn exactly how to [politely] tell that *one* family member to butt out of your choices and decisions
  • Learn how to start saying “No” to shit you don’t want to do (ie. Telling mom you will NOT be at the family get-together this weekend.)
  • Stop fucking apologizing and over-explaining your thoughts, beliefs, and choices. (ie. STOP over-explaining why you aren’t married yet to your nosey boss.)
  • Stop being ruled by fear… Fear of what everyone else thinks, fear of the “what-ifs”, fear of not being liked. 
  • Finally stop talking shit to yourself… about your job, your weight, your parenting… ALL of it!


That is exactly why I created this FREE eWorkbook teaching you 9 specific exercises to dramatically increase your self-confidence. Grab your copy below!

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