The Difference Between Fear + Your Inner Critic (And What to Do About Them) [TJJS:EP211]

Fear Inner Critic

Fear Inner Critic

TTell me if this sounds familiar: You get all pumped up about a new love interest or an exciting new job opportunity and then BAM! All of a sudden you feel a sinking feeling in your belly and a barrage of commentary starts in your mind. What if he thinks I’m too high-maintenance? What if they think I’m under-qualified? What if her family hates me? What if they think I’m incompetent?

You know that mind vortex, amiright? This, my friend, is the lovely little dance between Fear and your Inner Critic. They hybrid of how you FEEL and what you are SAYING to yourself in your own mind. Much of the time they work very much in tandem, but there is a subtle difference.

Why does this matter? Because the more you can understand what negativity is happening in your mind and body, the more equipped you are to combat it… And overcome it. In this episode, I tease apart the differences between these two concepts and show you ways you can “catch” either one. The more you understand, the better you will be at choosing to listen to your powerful inner voice so you can actually find that soulmate or start that biz or go back and finish that degree. And feel damn good about it.

This pod explores:

  • The #1 phrase you must start listening for in order to operate from a place of confidence instead of fear
  • My favorite tool to distract yourself from catastrophic thinking so you can actually focus (and get) what you really want
  • How to know if your Inner Critic is more of a feeling or a voice or both and what to do with each of them
  • Two areas to focus on so you can jump from fearful and freaked-out to confident and courageous



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  HOW TO STOP YOUR INNER SHIT-TALKER DEAD IN HER TRACKS: Imagine waking up feeling confident and proud of yourself! Hello! Or how about telling someone “No, I’m not available for your event” and feeling Not. An. Ounce. Of. Guilt. Plus, now your time is all freed up for mani/pedis and mimosas.

  HOW TO STOP SABOTAGING YOURSELF WITH THE “NEED TO BE PERFECT”: Get ready to get waaaay more done, alleviate massive stress, and feel Waaaay. Fucking. Happier.

  HOW TO CRAFT MANTRAS THAT DON’T FEEL LIKE A BULLSHIT LIE: And, when you actually LIKE who you are, you’ll finally start the biz you’ve been too fearful to start, finally get back in shape + love your hot bod at the same time, and/or have time for the shit you really want in your life: like finally signing up for roller derby or planning that trip to Italy. #grazie

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How to Let Go of Perfection

How to Let Go of Perfection