What to Do When Friends + Family Don’t Like Your Choices [TJJS:Ep191]

family doesn’t like my choices

family doesn’t like my choices


HHave you ever felt sure about a choice you’ve made only to be met with friends and/or family who make it abundantly clear that they do not like your choice? And, then you start second guessing the choice you made? Yeah. Me too.

Recently, a listener wrote in to the show expressing a similar issue: She had made the choice not to go to a family function (which sounded like hell to her) and her sister completely gave her the cold shoulder for three [fucking] months. When the sister finally came clean about what was bothering her, she not only didn’t listen to any reasoning, but called the listener selfish and accused her of always doing what she wanted to do no matter what.

Well, shit. So, this listener wanted to know, “How do I avoid being perceived as selfish or uncaring when I say no to something others want me to do or when I create boundaries?” You KNOW I had a shit-ton to say on this one, no? In this episode I break down 6 concepts to be aware of so that you aren’t totally and completely destroyed if mom doesn’t like your choice of mate or if your sister doesn’t think you should take that job. And more importantly, so you don’t keep changing your behavior just to make everyone else happy.

This pod explores:

  • The shitty thing about personal development (WHAT? I know, right!?)
  • How to allow yourself to be bummed-the-fuck-out by other people’s responses to you without making it mean you did something wrong
  • How to get laser focused on what is your responsibility and how to let everything else go (Um… instead of obsessing)
  • How to know who you can and can’t share information with



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