Dealing with Loneliness [TJJS:EP288]

Dealing With Loneliness

dealing with loneliness

BBeing alone.

It’s likely that those two words spark an emotion in you. If you’re a self-lovin’ introvert, those words may sound like heaven, but I would guess a majority of people view “being alone” as a negative and undesirable situation. Our society glorifies busy-ness and applauds shutting down our emotions, so is really that surprising that so many people grapple with loneliness? I think not. Not to mention that the idea of NOT being partnered in some way leaves many people feeling like there must be something wrong with them. I mean… no one in a relationship is lonely… Right? Right!? Um. Not exactly.

The reality is – We feel loneliness for a number of reasons, two of them being 1) An overwhelming desire to connect with others and 2) An inability to be comfortable with self. Now, you might be thinking, “No shit! Of course I want to connect with others!” But, it’s not always that simple. You may be surrounded by a TON of people, have a vast social network, and still feel lonely as fuck. Why? Because your current relationships aren’t intimate and rich, leaving you wanting for more.

Or perhaps you find yourself in the latter category… just not comfortable being alone with who you are… your thoughts and emotions. Regardless which camp you may fall in (or a hybrid of both), I sound off on exactly what you can do to bust through the loneliness you feel, reclaim your personal power, and create amazing, rich connections in your life.

This pod explores:

  • A new, empowering perspective around the word “loneliness” + how it will instantly make you feel a shit-ton better
  • How keeping your walls up is keeping you lonely AF
  • How to take an inventory of your current relationships to gauge the richness and intimacy
  • How to deal if you feel like you don’t deserve rich connections



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