All of this… NOISE.

You know what I’m talking about. That NOISY voice in your head that talks mad shit to you. “What if I offended him?” “There’s no way I can tell my mom that…” “What if she doesn’t take it well?” “I have to go to that family party. There’s no way I could say ‘No’.” “What if she thinks I’m being a bitch. I’d hate to come off selfish.”


Flash forward. You’re at that dreaded family party. You’re listening to your mom give you the third degree about why you aren’t married yet like your sister or you’re getting into another unsolicited conversation about political differences you’d rather not discuss with your uncle. (Considering, given the opportunity, he would likely shoot your gay hair stylist.) And, you find yourself wondering, “Why the hell do put myself through this shit?”


I mean, didn’t you JUST listen to that amazing podcast about standing up for yourself? Or just finish that audiobook about worthiness and honoring your desires? I mean, you’re a smart person. Degrees and shit. “What the hell is wrong with me!?” that voice in your head screams yet again.

And, maybe this shit sounds familiar:

You find yourself getting excited about something (maybe a new job opportunity or a potential suitor) and in two shakes of a lambs tail, BOOM, your inner shit-talker jumps in with, “What if he thinks you have too much baggage” or “They are totally going to find out you’re a total fraud” or “You will never be able to pull that off”.


You often get “guilted” into doing things you soooo don’t want to do. Like, volunteering for your kid’s school field trip, going to that damn family reunion full of peeps you really don’t like, or taking on more appointments when your calendar is BEYOND full already. God forbid you let some down… Amiright?


You often stop yourself from speaking up because you are so damn afraid of what everyone else thinks and you’re convinced you’ll hurt someone’s feelings which, OF COURSE, would be the end of the world.


You have a really hard time saying “No” or establishing any kind of boundary, so you often just do, and do, and do for everyone else until you just can’t take it anymore and totally fucking explode. Like, MELTDOWN status. And, then you beat yourself up for not being able to handle it. And, then you start the cycle over again.


And maybe you’d love to start voicing your thoughts, opinions, and needs in a kind, assertive manner, but you’re like, “Yeah. That sounds totally possible. I’ll get right on that.” 


If you’re all,

“#Ew. How the hell did you know?! Um. Kinda creepy”

it’s actually for a very good reason.

Oh, Love. I feel you. No really. I do.

Because I’ve been there.

I spent years  finding my voice.

Buried under other people’s thoughts and opinions about who I should and shouldn’t be.Amy_ILovemeMore

Spent years paralyzed by fear of what my parents would think of me if I didn’t adhere to their faith. Countless conversations feeling like I had to justify my choice not to have children. Years obsessed with appearing like I had my shit together: badass job, killer relationship, etc.


God forbid anyone know the shit-talking that was going on in my mind.


Guilt. Fear. Repeat.

I finally grew so tired of being motivated from guilt and fear and I knew something MUST change. It was just too damn painful to stay the same.


As I climbed my way out of this bullshit “living for other people” thing, I learned some serious game-changers. I learned what it really meant to love myself, I changed my relationship to fear, and I began using my growing-in-strength voice.


And, you can do the same.

Yeah. No Shit. I’ll totally show you how.

Allow me to introduce you to…

  A 21-day coaching intensive designed to teach you how to:  

  Change your relationship to fear

So you’re not so damn afraid to go after what you want (or stand up to you-know-who)

  Let go of what everyone else thinks

So you can actually say “No” to shit you don’t want in your life

  Communicate confidently with others

(*without* being a dick) so you can establish those much-need boundaries

ErikaA note of gratitude to Amy…
First of all, slow-clap for just being badass and letting us be badass with you.

Second, thank you for being real. Thank you for your honest advice. Thank you for the impact you had on my life… and while I don’t want to speak for others, I’m guessing there are a few others who would agree with me when I say, this was the point where shit got real and I liked it! Thank you. xo

~ Ericka Anderson Morris, Dallas, Texas

In Excuse Me, Your Badass is Showing: SELF-CONFIDENCE EDITION Home Study Program you’ll learn:

How to change your relationship to fear so you stop acting from a place of fear or guilt. (ie. Not telling your husband what you really think about him going back to school simply out of fear of what he’ll say… Or think.)

How to actually say ‘NO’ to shit you don’t want to do or that doesn’t contribute to your joy and how to do so with total kindness. (ie. Declining the invite to that lame party your sister drags you to every year where you always leave feeling like shit and thinking you’ll never do that again. But, you do.)

How to stop caring sooooo much what everyone else thinks. For instance, you’ll stop saying “yes” to a bunch of shit you don’t want to do (like letting your brother borrow your car or baking 400 cupcakes for your kid’s class).

How to value yourself soooo much that you stop apologizing and over-explaining yourself. (ie. Stop apologizing for being so organized and meticulous or over-explaining why you can’t make it to that one party or don’t want kids… or don’t eat meat… or gluten. #poorgluten)

How to actually SPEAK up for yourself. You’ll learn an actual step-by-step process to tell people in your life what’s up and how to do so with grace AND end up feeling pretty damn proud of yourself. (ie. How to tell your mom that she’s been interfering too much in your relationship… yeah, no shit.)





  • No more letting fear rule the show
  • No more apologizing for who you are
  • No more being consumed by what others think
  • No more saying ‘Yes’ to shit you don’t want/need in your life




  • Speaking up and feeling GOOOOOD about it
  • Really, truly LOVING who you are
  • Caring about what YOU want more than what others think
  • Saying ‘Yes’ to what YOU want to do and not feel guilty about it
  • And a shit-ton of killer confidence

Ready for some serious self-confidence? 



BillieJoeI took Amy’s Excuse Me, Your Badass is Showing:  Self-Confidence Edition course and before this class I had a tendency to people-please and was always apologizing for myself. Amy has some great exercises that helped find the reasons behind those actions.  I am still working on it, but Amy has great journaling prompts that help in the process, and I am definitely finding my voice.  I’m currently working my way through Stand up For Yourself Without Being A Dick, and I’m loving it as well!


~ Billie Joe Fisher, New York, New York


So, who am I and why should you listen to me?


Have I not introduced myself yet? #rude.

My name is Amy Smith and I teach aspiring badasses (you) what it reeeeally looks like to find your voice and how to actually use it.

I believe that the key to unlocking killer self-confidence is two fold:
Creating a mad love affair with SELF (as in, liking yourself a lot, a lot) and learning how to effectively communicate that with everyone in your world (bosses, besties, family, spouses).

Through my 7+ years as a coach, speaker, and podcaster I have helped hundreds of people unlock all the shit that stifles our happiness. Of course you need more than that, so here are a few more reasons why you should listen to me [grin]:


  • Everything I teach you in this course I have seen work miracles in people’s lives… because you need results, not theory.


  • I’m actually a legitimately trained life coach. Yeah. No shit. Certified and credentialed. Boom.


  • I have many thrilled, previous students who RAVE about the results these classes have made in their lives [like the ones all over this page].


  • I’m known to over-deliver. Tons of rich content. Tons of bonuses. You’ll be like, I can’t believe I didn’t have to give up my first born for these goods. #idontwantyourbaby


  • I speak your language. F-bombs and drinking analogies abound.

KendallBefore this class, my struggles were: people-pleasing, not speaking my truth, and self-confidence.

And then Amy taught me that it’s okay to speak up for myself and say how I feel and what I want. She also taught me about overcoming my inner-critic (or gremlins), how to talk to myself with encouragement, and how to stand up for myself.

I am now speaking up much more. I’m not making excuses to why I don’t want to do something, or how I feel about something. I’ve been standing up for myself in small ways and I’ve learned to not pay much attention to my inner-critic.

I’m going to continue to practice everything Amy taught me. I already feel like a new person and I’m handling situations very differently now! Thank you, Amy.

~ Kendall Hopkins, Gainesville, Florida

MelissaHello, my favorite mentor of all time!

First and foremost, I would like to thank you so, so much for this amazing course. It really helped me grow and become a stronger person/badass.

I have always been motivated from a place of guilt. Give me a good guilt trip and I would do anything you asked me to. People-pleasing and putting others before me was my forte.

And then I magically discovered Amy and her amazing course. This class taught me how to set boundaries and stop being motivated by guilt. I started being motivated by self-love, putting myself first. This class helped me discover the courage and find the right words to say to stand up for myself when it came to issues I disagreed with.Thank you Amy for helping me evolve into a stronger, wiser woman. 

~ Melissa Martinez, Hialeah, Florida

Want to know the 21-day class breakdown?

Of course you do.

Week 1




Right off the bat, we’ll jump into your current relationship to fear, how it stops you from going after what you want, and how our human physiology comes into play. You’ll learn how to distinguish between when your intuition is speaking (which is scary) and when your inner shit-talker is speaking (also scary). This week alone will propel you toward confident and you’ll know exactly how to work with fear instead of hating it.

Week 2




This week will give you an exact, proven process to establishing boundaries (I mean, who knows what that even means, right?) You’ll learn exactly HOW to say ‘No’ and you’ll leave week 2 knowing where and when you over-explain or apologize for yourself and what you can actually do about it. So, you fucking stop doing it.

Week 3



This week is all about taking what you’ve uncovered from week’s 1 + 2 and actually COMMUNICATING with the people in your life who make it hard for you to stand up for yourself. Want to know exactly what to say to your mom? Your boss? Your spouse? After this lesson, not only will you be able to speak your truth, but you will feel sooooo confident doing it. (ie. No more taking on anyone else’s shit!)

Ready for some serious self-confidence? 



What’s included in the course?


Each week, you will have an audio lesson to listen to which will address one of the topics you see in the 21-Day Breakdown above.


To supplement your weekly lessons, you will receive structured and strategic worksheets to help you digest and implement your learning.


After the conclusion of each audio lesson, you will have a challenge to focus on for the week. This is where your learning meets ACTION.

Immediately upon registration, I will send you a zip file containing absolutely ALL your program materials from audio lessons and worksheets. You will have them forevah-evah, so you can always refresh and revisit when needed.


With your registration you will also receive all the bonuses you see below! Um… yes, please! 

SarahGoing through a really intense “stand the fuck up for myself” situation right now. It’s exhausting but I’m SO glad I have this course to refer to, especially when I revert to my people-pleasing thoughts.

My current mantra is “Badass… with kindness and grace.”

~ Sarah Chatham, Carbondale, Colorado

KathyI can’t thank you enough, Amy, for the positive effects your work has had on my life. It has truly transformed me.

I wake up everyday with so much joy and hope for my life because the dysfunction is gone and I have learned so many muscles to flex and that we do have a choice in what we accept into our lives.My hope for all my badass peers is to put in the work and I promise you it is life-changing.

Much love and gratitude.

~ Kathy Jolly, Georgetown, Texas

Um… Did you say bonus?


Completely free with your registration, you will receive immediate access to this awesome getting started audio which is designed to prepare you mentally, spiritually, and logistically so you get the absolute most from your program. 

ipodhorizontal_600x400 (2)BADASS BONUS #2

Also completely free with your registration, you will receive immediate access to this exclusive, private interview which will help you address boundaries inside your intimate partnership. A perfect supplement to your course, this gem will help you stand up for yourself with grace and personal power.

Ready for some serious self-confidence? 



Need a guarantee?

I totally feel you. Listen, I whole-heartedly believe in this work and the results it can create in your life. For that reason, if you get through the week 1 content (including the bonuses) and decide that the course just isn’t for you, just let us know and we’ll happily give you your full tuition back. And you can keep all the bonuses, of course. So, yeah, I’m pretty confident in this work. I will, however, ask you to submit your week 1 worksheets as proof of your good college-try. Additionally, due to the digital nature of this program, I will not issue refunds for changes of mind or changes of circumstance. I expect you to be intentional about putting YOU first and doing the work. 

(*any request for refund must be submitted no later than 14 days post purchase date. For a full explanation of this policy, please visit this page.)

RaneLesson two… I might need to listen to this one daily.

I’m proud of standing up for myself recently when a friend tried to tear me down.

After being cussed at and told her true feelings, I am very proud that I stood my ground on behavior that is unacceptable to me and I did it all with grace, kindness and vulnerability!

She ended the friendship and I have to say… I was initially hurt and shocked by the brutality but I am now counting my blessings. In retrospect, I never honored my true feelings when she was around.

Thanks Amy!!! This class is providing me with some encouragement that my work is paying off and I am seeing major changes in myself!

~ Rane Lallier, Dallas, Texas

Before this class I was afraid to say “no” to people or stand up for what I really wanted. But then Amy taught me that the best way to stand up for what I want is to speak my truth with kindness and grace.

Now I am more comfortable expressing my own wants and needs, and I feel less pressure to always accommodate the wants and needs of others. Thank you Amy!!

~ Meghan Gaffey, Syracuse, New York


A’s to your Q’s:

I’m going to be out of town, will I get too far behind?

Absolutely not. Why? Because there is actually no such thing as “behind” in this program. Because it is digital, you are totally able to go through the lessons on your own time and at your own pace. If life gets in the way, you can certainly create a schedule that works for you as you will have the course forevah!

How much time will the lessons take per week?

This completely varies depending on how deep you want to go. The audio lessons are around 30ish minutes, and beyond that, it really comes down to how much time you want to spend digging into the worksheets and focusing on your challenges. I would say blocking out 2 hours a week would be a good place to start. Remember, this is about making YOU a priority.

How do I know this will work for me?

Listen, you can hire a personal trainer, learn all about eating healthy, and learn the best exercises for you and then do jack-shit with that info. This class is all about ACTION. If you are willing to dig deep and IMPLEMENT what you learn, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t dramatically change your self-confidence and take a serious stand for yourself.


I have seen hundreds of people do it. And, I’ve done it myself. You can too. But, I’ll be god-damned if I fight harder for your life than you do. Show up, implement, and you will totally blow yourself away with what you are capable of.

Does it matter if I'm located outside of the U.S. or Canada?

Nope! Due to the digital/virtual nature of this course, you can participate in the program completely at your own pace AND in your own time zone. All your materials will be available 24/7, so all time zones are welcome! It won’t make a bit of difference!

If I've already taken one of your programs, will I still benefit?

Come on. You know what I’m going to say here, right? We are on a constant, evolving journey. We’re never done. You may hear some similar tips and tools, but chances are it will benefit you to hear them again… or apply them in new ways. In fact, there will probably be things that land totally differently this time around. Some of the best learning I’ve received is from reading the same book over and over or listening to the same audios over and over. If you have worked through any of my other programs, this will absolutely push you in different ways.

Do I get lifetime access?

Absolutely. Upon purchase, I will send you a zip file containing all the class audio lessons and worksheets so you can download them and have them forever. #yourewelcome

What are your coaching credentials?

I am certified through an extensive coaching certification program from The Coaches Training Institute; one of the most reputable coaching establishments to date and hold a CPCC designation (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). Additionally, I hold an ACC (associate certified coach) credential from the International Coaching Federation which is the governing body that oversees and regulates the coaching profession. So, yeah. #legit

What tech do I need to know for this course?

Your audio lessons are delivered in MP3 format with two options: You can choose to download the file to your computer and then to iTunes or your audio listening platform of choice or you can simply click the LISTEN NOW link and you will be able to listen via online streaming.


Your weekly worksheets will be given to you in PDF format which can either be printed out or filled in online.


So, the short answer is “not much”. You basically need to be able to click on things and have access to internet connection. Lol.

Is there any live coaching involved?

I wanted to create a series of virtual courses at an extremely reasonable cost so I could accommodate everyone who wanted a piece of the badass action. In order to maintain the low cost, there is no live coaching involved. If you know you need one-on-one support, please check out my other coaching options.

What is your refund policy?

Listen, I completely and wholeheartedly stand behind my work and my offerings. If you work through the first week’s materials and are unsatisfied with the value you receive for the cost, I will happily refund your tuition cost.


I will, however, request that you show me/submit your week 1 worksheets as proof that you gave it the good college-try. I will not, however, issue returns just because you changed your mind as I expect that you do your due diligence and have full intention to put YOU first and complete the program. I must be notified no later than 14 days after your purchase, by 11:59pm PACIFIC for a full refund. For a full explanation of this policy, please visit this page.

Are men permitted to join this course? Seems like only ladies 'round here...

Oh, hell yes! Men are absolutely welcome! Although I do many collaborative projects that cater to women only, all of my Joy Junkie branded programs are open to both men and women!

Ready for some serious self-confidence? 



Students say nice things about my classes:


Just being in your presence, Amy, has been a source of motivation and healing for me. You are one of those people who lead by example and walk your talk. 


I know your example is one I value and greatly appreciate. Thank you for the kind words shared, love and the encouragement exchanged.

~ Teresa Capaldo, San Francisco, California


If I’m an introvert, a bit awkward, not too social in social situations, so be it – that is just who I am and I’m really starting to feel okay with that… And, I am letting the opinions of others belong to them, whether those opinions even exist in the first place or not!


Thanks for this incredible course; I’m looking forward to my journey and to delve in to more!


~ Jane Kim, California 

One of the biggest areas I struggle with is having healthy boundaries or not having any at all! With Amy’s classes I have been able to discover what my core values are and actually apply what I’ve learned in real life situations.


Once I discovered what some of my core values were and what I was not willing to compromise on, I had the courage to value myself enough to say ‘No’!



I am now able let go of things that were holding me back and move forward with what is truly important to me to be more successful and happy with my life.  The information she shares is life-changing! I love your willingness to get down and dirty to help other women discover who they really are and have fun doing it! I trust what you’re about and I completely support you in what you and the Joy Junkie have to offer!


~ Cheryl Belajonas, Los Angeles, California

Amy, thank you so much for creating this space, and the energy around it. Tangible and amazing. This opportunity has come to me in what I could safely say is the most emotionally testing time of my life. A range of personal heartbreaks and professional challenges… I have been in some very dark places, and my work is certainly not done.




My biggest lesson is that the work is never done and self-vigilance in self-care is vital. Feel what you need to feel. I’m looking forward to revisiting each lesson and gaining strength for better times ahead. I cannot thank you enough for your support, kindness and bravery. Thank you with all my heart.

~ Leah Jane Anderson, New South Wales, Australia