Compliments + Criticisms: Why They Both Don’t Matter [TJJS:EP195]

compliments and criticisms

compliments and criticisms

IIf you’re like most people, chances are you have bought into the idea that if other people like and approve of you, you must be worthy. And conversely, if people don’t like or approve of you, you must be a total failure. If you’ve been rejected by a lover (or a few), it can be easy to come to the conclusion that you are unloveable. If you’ve been passed over for a promotion a time or two, it’s easy to surmise that you are incompetent and simply not “smart enough”.

Whether consciously or otherwise, we tend to create conclusions about our self-worth based off of how other people respond to us. In essence, we think, If I receive a bunch of compliments, that must be proof that I’m worthy and if I receive criticisms that must be proof that I’m a complete loser. And then we live into this belief through our own self talk, behaviors, and what we choose to tolerate. And, trust… no one does this on purpose. No one says, “Let me put my entire self-worth in everyone else’s hands.” Of course not.

This episode explores our natural human tendency to attach ourselves to what others think of us, in turn, radically affecting our self-esteem and self-worth. Have a listen and learn three, easy tools you can use to begin finding your power internally instead of from external approval.

This pod explores:

  • My favorite metaphor to use to evaluate if you are unnecessarily taking on someone else’s opinion as your truth (Like, your ex thinks you’re lazy, so you’ve decided that must be true)
  • How no amount of self-help with make criticism feel good and how to address it without drowning yourself in a bottle of wine
  • My personal story of dealing with R O U G H criticism and how I chose to process it
  • How to decipher what is your responsibility and what isn’t (hint: NOT your job to make everyone like you)



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