6 Common Personal Growth Pitfalls + How to Avoid Them [TJJS:EP276]

Common Personal Growth Pitfalls

common personal growth pitfalls

YYou’re cruising along on your personal growth journey and feeling all empowered and then WHAM! Before you realize what hit you, you begin taking a few steps backward for every step forward. Maybe you start beating yourself up for making a poor decision because, “Damn it! I should know better!” Maybe you catch yourself dealing with MORE shit with your fam and you’re like, “I thought I already dealt with this! Why is this coming up again!?

Or maybe you’ve been “dabbling” in personal development but you haven’t really made the commitment to implement what you’ve learned. You catch a podcast here and there or take a home study course and yet you find yourself wondering, “Why am I still not happy? Maybe this doesn’t work for me.

If you’ve experienced any bumps along the way during your personal development journey, join the club! Many self-help concepts are about a new way of viewing and engaging with the world, so OF COURSE there will be setbacks. The good news? The good news is that I’m laying them all out here for you, so you can re-group, get committed, and set yourself up for success like the BOSS you are.

This pod explores:

  • How to figure out if your self-talk, community, and behavior are supporting your biggest desires… or not. And how to fix it!
  • Specific phrases to listen for which are often your inner critic attempting to sabotage your growth
  • The two biggest ways I see people arrest their personal growth and what to do so it doesn’t happen to you!
  • The role of accountability and how to figure out an accountability process that works for you



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