“What the-hell-is wrong with me?”

“Why do I even give a shit what other people think?”

“And, Jesus… What if this  is really all there is?”

Any of those lovely questions run through your mind on the regular? If you have found your head spinning, asking yourself these same questions, well, you are certainly not alone, my friend. And certainly not “beyond help”… even if that’s what your inner shit-talker has been spoutin’ off.

Any of this sound like a play-by-play of your daily reality?

  You look in the mirror and talk mad shit to yourself, although on the outside you appear to totally have your shit together.

  You have learned to put everyone else’s needs before your own even though outwardly you seem rather confident (and try desperately to look like you don’t care as much as you do).

  Truth be told, you care waaaay too much what others think, but have no idea how to stop that crazy-train. I mean, is it even possible?

  You would be mortified if anyone knew how much self-doubt and fear control your everyday life. Because, I mean…

On the outside you totally have your shit together.

But underneath it all, you’re ONE. HOT. MESS. 

Let’s be honest.

If the peeps in your life even knew you were reading about personal-fuckin’-development on the internet right now, they would laugh their asses off. I mean, you totally have it ALL together on the outside: An impressive (high-school-reunion-brag-worthy) job which you dig (for the most part), a relationship that *appears* to be jealousy-inducing, and my god!, can we even talk about your larger-than-life-everyone-totally-loves-me personality!! And, your style! How could you NOT have your shit together? You look like your middle name is Confidence.


And, you designed it that way.


What you don’t want people to know… Is that your inner conversation is a civil war battlefield. You have fleeting moments of self-assuredness but waaaay more often it’s a bunch of “not smart enough”, “not successful enough”, “not strong enough”, or “what the fuck are you thinking!?” You’re HIGHLY affected by what others think of you (especially your mom… UGH!!!), so you do your DAMNDEST to be as perfect as possible. And you’re starting to unravel. You love being busy, I get it, but what you really want? Is to be. fucking. happy.


And, so far, that perfect job, all the accolades and promotions, the sexy spouse, and that awesome pad haven’t really pulled through in the “OMG, I LOVE MY LIFE!” department. I mean, #WTF.

And, it’s not like you’re an idiot. You didn’t get where you are without some serious smarts. (Let’s just hope no one finds you out! Hello, Imposter Complex!) And you “get” this whole personal growth thing… you even listen to inspiring podcasts on the regular and follow Elizabeth Gilbert on Facebook. You may even share a motivational meme or two. #blessed

Your life is FULL, sure.

But it’s not FULFILLED.

I feel you. I’ve been there.

And, we gotta talk.


Everyone thought I was the life of the party (and I hosted some seeeerious ragers!), always happy, not a care in the world, and clearly had my shit together. I had climbed my way up in a badass cosmetic company (killer travel, working with celebrities, had an assistant, company car, you know… real “big girl” shit), had a truly enviable hubby (Hi, Mr. Smith!), and was so damn motivational, everyone would have sworn I could shit rainbows.


But, what they didn’t know was I was suffocating inside. Wondering why I cared so much what others thought, but trying desperately to pretend I didn’t. Being cruel to myself on a daily basis… For everything. My body, my choices… second guessing everything. Constantly searching for happiness outside of myself. Thinking that the next promotion would surely fulfill me. THEN, then, I’d be happy.


It wasn’t until I was in serious jeopardy of losing this “perfect” career that I had a massive breakdown (imagine a ton of mascara, false lashes sliding down my face, and yes, I was a snotty mess #ew). I realized that I was so close to losing myself. My entire identity… my entire sense of self-worth was completely enveloped in my career. I had no idea who I was or what made me happy… besides getting everyone else to be happy. Or to be happy with me.


After that episode, I went through a series of events/breakdowns that landed me in the lap of Life Coaching. It was seriously like the clouds parted and angels started singing. Like, Ave Maria kind of shit.


I learned what-the-hell self-love and confidence even MEANT and finally figured out that I could actually CREATE the life I wanted. I actually didn’t have to invest all my happiness in my career or in what everyone else thought of me. And the best news? I had everything I needed already. All I needed was me.

Here’s what I absolutely believe to be true:

When you do the work to get to the root of your “issues” and learn tools to CHOOSE how you want to engage with life, you will find yourself living in a state of bliss and joy you never thought possible.

Ok, so you get that, right? I know… you are no dummy.


But, HOW?

How-the-hell are you supposed to do that?

Just start loving yourself?

Or accepting yourself? Whaaaaa???


Over the last 7 or so years, I have worked with hundreds of people to access true self-worth and confidence. Because of that work, I realized my clients needed a system. I mean… no one says, “You know what I need? I need someone to help me unpack all the old, childhood shit that has me locked into the belief that I’m ‘not enough’”. They simply say, I just want to be fucking happy.

So I created my signature approach to coaching to help them/you do just that:


[dramatic drum-roll]

The Deep, Down + Dirty Program™ is a (no bullshit) one-on-one, coaching immersion which walks you through a 12-week process to uncover and access radical self-love, worthiness, and self-acceptance. You’ll learn what it means to truly live life on YOUR TERMS and happiness will no longer be a dream. It will be your reality.

Before I worked with Amy, I was scared to have a voice in the world. I was never good enough, and I did not believe in myself.

Then she taught me that I can do things for ME. She taught me how to actually enjoy being me for ME and no other reason. 

Now, my life is more enjoyable through good times and rough patches and because I can find a way within me to enjoy the journey. Its pretty freakin’ cool to listen to your heart and not your chaotic head!

I feel that Amy has a true joy junkie gift to help others connect with themselves and others to make life an amazing process instead of a terrifying one. Life is crazy but its meant to be enjoyed not just endured!! The little lady is awesome!! So grateful our lives crossed paths.

~ Mindy Hughes, Nevada

So, how ’bout: no more of this shit

  • NO MORE being such a damn bully to yourself


  • NO MORE second guessing every choice and decision


  • NO MORE people-pleasing and sacrificing your happiness for others


  • NO MORE allowing FEAR to rule your world 


  • NO MORE waiting for happiness to magically appear

Instead, how ’bout a little LOT of this:

  • You know who you are and you LOVE WHO YOU ARE. You are actually kind to the person in the mirror.


  • You have self-respect, inner and outer confidence, and true sense of SELF-WORTH.


  • You’ve regulated the shit-talking in your mind + know exactly how to speak kindly instead.


  • You’ve let go of people-pleasing, caring so much about what others think, and operate from courage instead of fear

It’s time to put *YOU* at the top of that (never-ending) TO DO list.

Seriously. Imagine what it would be like to:

  Be able to actually decline those obligatory family/work invites without being a total asshole, and more importantly, not be riddled with guilt


  Make decisions based off what YOU want instead of obsessing about what everyone else might think


  Learn how to silence your inner shit-talker and actually be KIND to yourself instead


  Be able to experience hardship and rejection WITHOUT being destroyed (as in, NOT devouring a *few* pints of Ben n’ Jerry’s and binge watching an entire Netflix series all while you tell yourself what a loser you are.)


  Feel SUPER clear about who you are, what you stand for, and what really makes you happy (besides wine)


  Look in the mirror and genuinely, truly LOVE the person you see

The Deep, Down + Dirty Program™ is for aspiring badasses desiring true self-love, self-confidence, and worth.

Like, yesterday.

Before I worked with Amy Smith, I struggled with low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness.  I felt that my sensitive, emotional personality was a weakness, and although I had been in and out of traditional therapy for years, I still allowed other people’s opinions of me, or what I perceived as their opinions of me, to matter far too much… to the point where I was somewhat paralyzed and felt “stuck” in life.  Actually, I have to admit that I felt pretty hopeless.

Amy has an extremely solid, defined program that goes step-by-step throughout all areas of life.  She encouraged and challenged me in a loving, positive, supportive way to dig deep and rediscover myself.  She taught me actual mental “tools” to use that were invaluable in sorting out my stumbling blocks and insecurities.  I learned that what I considered my weaknesses were actually strengths, and I embraced them… and myself… with love and compassion.

Since completing Amy’s program, I truly feel like a new person!  My feelings of self-doubt and hopelessness have been replaced with a new outlook on life!  My confidence level and self-worth are higher than ever, and I am forever grateful for this program, and to Amy Smith herself.  I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to improve the quality of their life.  Amy is the real deal and if you really desire positive change, don’t hesitate to try it… it works!!!

~ Teri D., California

Amy E. Smith simply changed my life.  I was hesitant to spend the $$ (I am a single-mom-school-teacher).  Best $$ ever spent. With Amy’s help, I  made some significant changes in my life.  I am still evolving, still learning to trust my gut.  My values are much more clear.

I am learning to take care of ME.

I couldn’t have done it without her.  She was with me every step of the way.  Amy is super professional, funny as hell, and very compassionate.

Think of this as the most important college course you haven’t taken yet.  Intense.  Important.  Rewarding.

~ Kathryn Ramberg

So who-the-hell am I?

BTW… I’m Amy.

(“Allow myself to introduce myself” ~Austin Powers)

I’m Amy E. Smith (aka The Joy Junkie) and I’m a total sass-pants, Life Coach who is uber passionate about people standing (the fuck) up for themselves, loving who they are, and going after shit that really matters to them.


I have some fancy creds (certified and credentialed) but I think it’s waaaay more interesting to know that I have worked with hundreds of peeps to discover their “voice” and have taught them tools to actually use it. Like, telling-your-mom-to-lay-off-you-about-getting-married kind of shit.


It always baffled me that we are taught reading, math, and even physical fitness in school, but nowhere along the way are we taught to stand up for ourselves, work with fear, learn boundaries in relationships, or how to speak kindly to ourselves.


Fortunately, there’s this awesome little thing called personal growth that can take you from self-loathing to self-love. And I’d be most honored to show you the way.


This program isn’t a cake-walk. (Remember those?) It takes work. Diligence. And, desire. You don’t have to see “how”… leave that to me. Show up. Commit. And, you can absolutely create profound joy and self-acceptance in your life. #promise

Before Amy I was stuck. I was living my life for everyone else doing what I thought I was expected to do. I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and unmotivated. Amy’s program really put me to the test; turning a (loving) critical eye to myself, my values, and my relationships.

With Amy’s unwavering support I was able to cut out the shit that wasn’t serving me, like people-pleasing and silencing myself, and lit a fire under the things that nourish me like making time to get outside and embracing my creativity.

I can’t tell you how radically my life has shifted. I’ve been able to reduce unrealistic expectations of myself and others and I’m getting so much better at forgiving myself for my human moments. Thank you so much. You’ve really opened up my world and given me the skills to navigate it in one piece.

~ Jasmine Redfern, Canada

Want to know the weekly topics?

WEEK #1: Introduction to Dealing with Fear (Fear, Part 1)

Right of the bat we’ll dig into the physiological origin of fear and why we experience it to begin with and you’ll learn how to work with your fear (aka become “Fear-Optimized”) instead of being paralyzed and controlled by it. You’ll look at how fear motivates you in your life and examine new ways to motivate your behavior.

WEEK #2: Fear + Your Inner Critic (or Shit-Talker) (Fear, Part2)

You’ll learn how to dissect your inner conversation in order to figure out where you have been holding yourself back. You’ll learn what to listen for in your inner speak, where/when/with whom you are triggered, and how to create an internal conversation of confidence. (aka Learning how to stop talking shit to yourself.)

WEEK #3: Beliefs (Part 1)

You’ll dig into the origin of your current beliefs (aka How you came to believe you aren’t “enough”) and how these beliefs you establish early on have crafted your entire reality. You’ll figure out how you have “built a case” to support these limiting beliefs and we’ll begin dismantling your beliefs that do not support and empower you.

WEEK #4: Beliefs (Part 2)

Further breaking free from the “I’m-Not-Enough Syndrome”, this week will give you the skills to start establishing a new belief system in which you can thrive. You will learn exactly what you need to do to support your new empowering beliefs and look at what you may need to add or eliminate from your life to do so.

WEEK #5: Self-Love + Worthiness

You’ll start looking at how you have attached your self-worth to other people’s opinions of you, embody some radical self-forgiveness, and learn how to start operating from a place of self-love. This week also involves a hot date… with YOURSELF!

WEEK #6: Identity Work - Discovering Who You Want to Be

Ever feel like all you are is wrapped up in your work? Or in your parenting? This week will teach you how to address all your life roles so you can pay attention to what really makes you happy. You’ll also look at how you have been “branded” by others and how you may have lived into that brand. When you say “I’m a ________” or I’m so ___________” you will now have the tools to fill in the blanks with “identifiers” that empower you.

WEEK #7: Core Values - Discovering What You Stand For

This week is all about figuring out the exact components that MUST be present in your life in order for you to be the most fulfilled and happy. You’ll figure out your deal-breaker values and how they affect your closest relationships as well as what it really looks like to LIVE your values.

WEEK #8: People-Pleasing + Attachment to What Others Think

You’ll dissect where you have been focusing on what others think of you and how that has been contributing to your suffering. You’ll know exactly what you ARE and ARE NOT responsible for (spoiler: you’re not responsible for other people’s happiness).

WEEK #9: Dealing with Rejection + Criticism

If you have ever experienced rejection that you thought would damn-near kill you, this week will blow you away. You’ll learn 5 steps to deal with/process criticism, why you need to grieve and what that actually looks like, and how to stop apologizing and over-explaining your thoughts, beliefs, and opinions.

WEEK #10: Establishing Boundaries + Communicating with Confidence

This week takes all your newfound confidence and puts it into practice with others. You’ll learn how to say “no” to shit that doesn’t serve you, how to gear up for tough conversations, and how to actually communicate your thoughts, opinions, and needs from a place of honesty, grace, and kindness.

WEEK #11: Establishing a Soul Tribe - Your Support System

You’ll learn exactly what it looks like to create a support system and friendships that support your growth and development. You will identify exactly what you want in your friendships as well as who you intend to be in those relationships.

WEEK #12: Creating a Maintenance Plan

This week is all about sustainability. This is about taking the wealth of growth and knowledge you have accumulated over the past few months and creating a completely new way of operating. You will establish systems, habits, and support to continue and maintain your empowerment!

Before I began my intensive with Amy I worried a lot about not feeling good enough, feeling uncertain about my future and powerless over my options, my time and my life. I felt guilty all the time and fearful to speak my truth to people in my life.
I learned from Amy that one circumstance in my life doesn’t have to be evidence of failure or negative traits about myself. I learned to look for the evidence of positivity instead. Amy helped identify the gremlin talk that was holding me back and not serving me and my goals. I learned to cut myself a break and not judge myself so hard. Amy helped me identify my personal values and understand how honoring those values is how to step into authenticity, and to know when I’m upset-my values are being trampled on.
The hugest thing Amy challenged me on was learning to envision something better for myself, stop playing small in my head and open up my mind to believing in the possibility of dreaming an amazing future!
I am now able to speak up with grace and confidence at work, I got a huge raise and was added to many projects. I have set healthy boundaries in relationships and have learned to take time for myself and my own goals instead of putting everyone else’s needs first. I learned that I do have time. I am relentless, persistent, interesting, thoughtful, fun, a certified Badass!
~ Siobhan Nassalang, Wisconsin

Want the program details?


Each week, you have a 35-45 minute-ish audio lesson and a few pages of worksheets to dig into. After you’ve completed your weekly lesson, we meet for a 45-minute coaching call where we discuss your learning and nail down the real-world application to your life. Everything you see in the fancy images below is included in our 3+ months working together.


Each week, you will have an audio lesson to listen to which will address one of the topics you see in the Curriculum Breakdown above.


To supplement your weekly lessons, you will receive structured and strategic worksheets to help you digest and implement your learning.


After you have gone through the lesson of the week, we’ll hop on the line to dig in and discuss the application to your life.


All of our one-on-one sessions are recorded and you will receive all mp3 recordings for future review and reflection.


At the start of our work together, I’ll have you complete a pre-work packet to give me a solid foundation for our work together. Additionally, you will have a Getting Started Audio which is designed to help you prepare mentally, logistically, and spiritually for our 3+ months together.


You will have a private, password-protected materials page on my site which will house all of your materials and recordings. This page will also contain all of your call-in information for our one-on-one sessions.


You will have the opportunity to connect with me on my favorite, walkie-talkie-ish app called Voxer which is available for both iPhone and Android. This will allow us to communicate in-between sessions for support, clarity, accountability, and celebrations. And yes, you can really leave me a message at any hour. Promise.


Once you’ve completed your 12-week program, you will have 4 additional, a la carte sessions to use within the year. These are great for continued support, accountability, and maintenance as you will be living COMPLETELY differently than before. #sorrynotsorry


At the completion of our time together, I will send you a zip file containing absolutely ALL your program materials from audio lessons, to worksheets, to session recordings. You will have them forevah-evah, so you can always refresh and revisit when needed.

You ready to get started!?

WWonderful! I’m beyond thrilled to share in your truly sacred journey!

So, what’s our next step?

Because I have a very distinct style and the coach-client relationship is such a sacred connection, the first step of the process is scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation to ensure we are a perfect fit!


The cost of the entire DD+D Program:
$5300 if paid in full, or $1800 paid in three separate installments.

(Out of respect for my time and private practice, I humbly request that only serious applicants book a 15-minute consult.)


*Also, please note that currently my coaching hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday, from 10am-4pm EASTERN time.

A’s to your Q’s

A’s to your Q’s:

What are your coaching hours?

Currently, my coaching hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 10am-4pm EASTERN time.

Are you currently accepting international clients?

Absolutely! I have had the great fortune of working with aspiring badasses all across the globe. All international sessions are conducted via Skype and can be either with or without video.

Do you offer a la carte sessions if I don’t need a complete 3-month program?

Yes! Please go HERE to check out my a la carte one-on-one coaching options.

What happens after I complete my 3-month program?

First of all, your life with totally rock and you will be a total badass! As for additional support, many clients prefer to purchase a la carte sessions for sporadic check-ins and accountability. Please go HERE to check out my a la carte one-on-one coaching options.

What is the cost of the program and how does the payment plan work?

Payment can be submitted in one of two ways, either in one lump sum of $5300 (best value) or in 3 installments of $1800. If you opt for 3-installments, your first payment of $1800 will secure your program. During our first session, I will record credit card info from you to keep on file. Your 2 additional payments of $1800 will then be automatically charged every 30 days thereafter for two more installments.

What are your coaching credentials?

I am certified through an extensive coaching certification program from The Coaches Training Institute; one of the most reputable coaching establishments to date and hold a CPCC designation (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). Additionally, I hold an ACC (associate certified coach) credential from the International Coaching Federation which is the governing body that oversees and regulates the coaching profession. So, yeah. #legit

What is your refund policy?

I currently do not offer a refund for sessions that have already taken place due to the time and effort involved. The understanding in committing to this program, is that both of us have every intention of completing the program in its entirety. If for some reason an unforeseen issue arises, (which I’ve actually never had happen), you may be refunded a prorated rate for your unused sessions. Refunds are given based on my discretion.

Do you coach men? Seems like only ladies 'round here...

Oh, hell yes! I’ve coached plenty ‘o dudes over the years; I just tend to attract the women-folk in droves.

I mean… Don’t just take my word for it…

What previous clients badasses have to say:

I am truly humbled and honored to have had the incredible fortune to accompany these beautiful spirits on their journey. Yeah… I get a little hippy-ish about it. 

I hired Amy because I could tell from our sample session that she would bring lots of energy and a dash of irreverence to our coaching sessions.

I spent several months working with her on very personal and intimate stuff and really appreciated how comfortable Amy made these conversations with her warmth, humor, and open mind. She is extremely talented when it comes to navigating sensitive terrain with grace and I can’t recommend her highly enough! ~P.V.


I never realized how much I would grow and how beautiful and exciting my life could be until Amy helped me realize that I deserved to allow myself those gifts and that it was okay to invest time in myself – coaching has given me the greatest gift of all – the courage to live the life I have always imagined.

~Heather, Photographer

Amy helps me increase my execution on my values. With her assistance,I have put family relationships on the right track, enhanced the communication in my relationships (especially with my girlfriend), and I am much better at prioritizing what I can go after today and not stressing what get’s left for tomorrow. She’s wonderful!

~Nicholas, Operational Development



My experience with coaching has allowed me the opportunity to see things from different perspectives, helping nudge me in the right direction toward a more fulfilled and authentic life. I continue to work towards having a more balanced life, and having a coach has helped me begin to identify my natural gifts and values so that I can utilize and honor them in a way that enriches not only my life but the lives of others.


Amy provides a safe place to let my guard down and truly express myself as we work together. She gently pushes me and encourages me to go to a deeper place that I likely would not have gone otherwise. When we are in conversation, I feel that there is something bigger than the two of us at work. Sometimes it’s absolutely magical! At the end of every session (whether it’s been difficult, challenging or light-hearted and fun), I always feel energized, more alive, confident and ready to engage in a new way whatever I’m facing at the moment.

~Ellie, Non-profit Program Associate


Amy, thank you for being such a fantastic coach and supporting me in my growth and development. I love your energy and enthusiasm… You always encourage me to truly challenge the negative beliefs that I hold and re-examine them in new ways. Thanks for providing me with new insights and great support!

~ Y.R., Entrepreneur

Having a Life Coach is such an amazing experience! In the time of my life that Amy was my coach, she was able to help me redirect my life into the path I wanted to be in. She was able to make life, for me, so much more rich and fulfilling! I am able to appreciate and better value my everyday life whether it be good or bad…it’s the experience that is truly fulfilling.

~Tiffany, Makeup Artist