How to Break-Up with a Parent [TJJS:EP201]

break-up with a parent

break up with a parent

AA listener recently wrote into the show asking how she should go about severing a tie with her toxic mother. This relationship had a litany of abuse and behavior that was completely unacceptable, and this listener was definitively ready to cut ties, but wasn’t at all sure how to go about it. Whew! I know. This is a tough one, for sure! I mean… how does one break-up with a parent? Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

Believe it or not, cutting toxic people out of your life can be one of the most self-loving things you can do for yourself, but when it happens to be a parent, the stakes can feel much higher. Like, higher than Snoop Dog. In this episode we look at key questions to ask yourself if you think you are ready to leave a parental relationship behind so that you can live a life of fulfillment and no regrets.

Additionally, I discuss a specific 4-step process to employ when/if you’re actually ready to “break-up.” Not only will you know exactly how to prep, how to deliver your boundary, and how to support yourself through this process, but you’ll also learn what to say to other (nosy) people when they ask you about this dynamic. #MindYaOwnBiz

This pod explores:

  • How to figure out what behavior constitutes being “break-up” worthy
  • How to know if you have done everything in your power to leave yourself with no regrets
  • The specific steps to take to deliver “the break-up”, in a way that feels powerful and controlled
  • What to say to other people who want to know what’s up (and you’re soooo not wanting to chat about it)




Registration is NOW OPEN for my killer 21-day coaching intensive where you’ll learn:

  • How to stop taking responsibility for everyone else’s happiness shit (as in, trying to make mom/boss/hubs happy… at all times. #exhausting)
  • How to actually set and enforce boundaries in your life without being riddled by guilt (And you’ll learn what-the-hell a boundary even is.)
  • How to speak up for yourself without being a total dick (It’s easier than you think!)
  • How to change your relationship to fear so you aren’t always so god-damned afraid of going after things you want (Or speaking up to you-know-who.)

You in? Of course you are! Simply swing by this page or click the image above to find out more!

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