Becoming Badass: The Checklist (Part 1)

Being somewhat of an irreverent force in the personal growth community [grin], is it really very surprising that I would be interested in cultivating “badass”? No, not really.

And by badass, I really mean this:

Truly loving yourself so much that you speak your truth, do it with grace, and handle yourself in a way in which you can be proud. Really living life on your. Own. Terms.

But… We don’t usually do that, do we? We don’t show up very badass. We pussyfoot around and make sure everyone else is happy, oftentimes escaping the happiness and fulfillment we desire simply because we are constantly searching outside of ourselves.

So… these may be habits that are a bit of a challenge to terminate over night. After all, they have most likely taken years to create. How ‘bout we start with some baby-steps? How ‘bout we start with a mini-checklist? What if you had a simple checklist that you could reference each night before you go to bed? You can call yourself out a bit, regroup, and decide how you are going to show up even more powerfully tomorrow.

Here’s your assignment: I want you to print out the checklist below and keep it somewhere you can review each day. Take time to evaluate each statement as it applies to you and your life. The printout has 4 copies of the checklist, so print out as many as you’d like. You can also simply print out one to review each day before you go to bed.

(CLICK IMAGE to download.)
Free Worksheet

Here’s what to look for:

Today I spoke my truth, even though I was scared.

Give yourself a check mark if you have spoken up more for yourself than you usually do. Now, if you don’t feel you can give yourself a check, don’t get discouraged. We’re changing an ENTIRE way of being, so cut yourself some slack. ANY step in the right direction is YOU GROWING. So celebrate that. A checkmark here may also mean you told someone the real reason you’re turning down their invite or you told someone the truth about how you feel about ANYTHING.

Today, I either said “yes” or “no”.

This is where you take a real stand for what YOU want in your life. Give yourself a checkmark here if you actually said “no” to shit you didn’t want to do! Remember, you can always decline with grace. You don’t have to be an asshole. Just practice flexing your assertive muscle. You can also checkmark here if you took as stand for something that YOU really wanted and said “yes” to YOU!

Today, I spoke kindly to myself.

Alright, so this is one of the hardest habits to shift… If you’re a human, that is. Give yourself a checkmark if you CHOSE to say something kind to yourself. Doesn’t matter if you still talked a little shit, just give yourself credit for ANY step in the right direction.

Today, I was intentional about who I surrounded myself with.

Pretty much a no-brainer here. Did you spend time with people who build you up or tear you down? Fellow victims? Or fellow survivors? Colluding about how shitty things are? Or celebrating the gems in life to be grateful for. Check yourself. WHO you hang out with is your responsibility.

Today, I chose healthy behaviors that make me feel good.

Another no-brainer here. If you DIDN’T stalk your ex’s facebook page, turn to random substances, or any other behavior that you know very well just isn’t helping you be a badass. And isn’t helping you love yourself more. Check it on up if you were conscious about how you chose to spend your time and energy.

Alright, so I think that should be a nice little way to get yourself on the right track to Becoming Badass. Remember, if you don’t feel you deserve a check, DO NOT let your pesky gremlin sneak in and beet you up about it. The fact that you actually care about changing things in your life, is always something to be celebrated. This is meant ONLY to be a visual cue. Something simple to remind yourself of the power you intend to cultivate.

You are far more incredible and powerful than you give yourself credit for. And, if you have a hard time believing that right now, that’s ok… just take my word for it. I am a badass, after all.