Combating “All or Nothing” Thinking [TJJS:EP189]

all or nothing thinking

all or nothing thinking

IIf you consider yourself a recovering perfectionist, you may relate to the idea of “all or nothing” thinking… as in, you either have to work out 5 days a week for an hour each time, OR… you do nothing at all. Or maybe you find yourself slaving away on a serious work project, committed to finite details (that ultimately don’t matter) because you just could never allow someone else to do it at 80% or allow yourself to finish the project anything short of PERFECT.

Oftentimes, we make our job significantly harder not by setting lofty goals, but by the rules and criteria we make IMPERATIVE in accomplishing those goals… essentially creating the rules of “how” things must be done. It’s not just about throwing an awesome party, but rather exactly HOW that party must be executed. As in, slaving away on home-made gifts for the attendees, baking everything from scratch, and shampooing your carpet… all by yourself, until the middle of the night, and lashing out at your spouse who just doesn’t “get it”. Um… so yeah, I know a bit about this process. [embarrassed-face emoji]

If this sounds eerily familiar, have a listen to this episode where I teach you how to figure out when your ambitions are serving you and when they are making your life miserable. You’ll learn a 4-step process to evaluate your own behavior and start shifting your mental conversation in order to create much more peace and relief. #yesplease

This pod explores:

  • The common over-achieving, perfectionist pull to set the bar impossibly high and what to do about it.
  • How to craft a name for this behavior so you can catch yourself in the middle of a disempowering “all or nothing” spiral
  • The way you sell yourself short by only have two options: all in or all out
  • The perfect go-to mantra you’ll need to encourage yourself through the process



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How to Let Go of Perfection

How to Let Go of Perfection