Got some shit to work out?

  • Have a serious dilemma you need to chat about? 


  • Need to make an important decision, like, STAT?


  • Past client or student needing a check-in or follow up session(s)?


  • Desperately need someone in your corner?

Then call me, Baby!


I offer 1 session or a 4-pack of sessions via a La Carte to get you through whatever craziness has erupted in your world.


Ever find yourself in a situation where you desperately need to bounce something off someone in order to make a clear-headed decision? As in, “Should I put my name in for this promotion that will take me across the country?” or “How am I going to not lose my shit at this family gathering tomorrow?” Yeah. I’ve been there too.


A la carte sessions are about handling a situation that is putting you through the ringer, with someone who is genuinely looking out for your best life [Amy points to herself], not just an opinion or judgement from a well-meaning friend. These sessions are also great to be used for accountability around a specific issue in your life and are awesome follow-up options for past clients.


If you are making yourself crazy by trying to figure it all out on your own, honey, call me. You’ll leave our sessions feeling empowered and On. Your. Game.

So, let’s do this!

Simply choose your option below and I will personally be in touch within 48 hours to schedule our sessions. Please note:

  • Sessions are 45 minutes in length
  • You will receive a mp3 recording of each session for future review

ONE 45 min. SESSION – $350

FOUR-PACK, 45 min. SESSIONS  – $1325

A’s to your Q’s:

What are your coaching hours?

Currently, my coaching hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 10am-4pm EASTERN time.

Are you currently accepting international clients?

Absolutely! I have had the great fortune of working with aspiring badasses all across the globe. All international sessions are conducted via Skype and can be either with or without video.

What are your coaching credentials?

I am certified through an extensive coaching certification program from The Coaches Training Institute; one of the most reputable coaching establishments to date and hold a CPCC designation (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). Additionally, I hold an ACC (associate certified coach) credential from the International Coaching Federation which is the governing body that oversees and regulates the coaching profession. So, yeah. #legit

What is your refund policy?

I currently do not offer a refund for sessions that have already taken place due to the time and effort involved. If for some reason an unforeseen issue arises, (which I’ve actually never had happen), you may be refunded a prorated rate for your unused sessions. Refunds are given based on my discretion.

Do you coach men? Seems like only ladies 'round here...

Oh, hell yes! I’ve coached plenty ‘o dudes over the years; I just tend to attract the women-folk in droves.

What are your other coaching options?

You can always find out the latest coaching offering by cruising over here.

What previous clients badasses have to say:

I am truly humbled and honored to have had the incredible fortune to accompany these beautiful spirits on their journey. Yeah… I get a little hippy-ish about it. 

I hired Amy because I could tell from our sample session that she would bring lots of energy and a dash of irreverence to our coaching sessions.

I spent several months working with her on very personal and intimate stuff and really appreciated how comfortable Amy made these conversations with her warmth, humor, and open mind. She is extremely talented when it comes to navigating sensitive terrain with grace and I can’t recommend her highly enough! ~P.V.


I never realized how much I would grow and how beautiful and exciting my life could be until Amy helped me realize that I deserved to allow myself those gifts and that it was okay to invest time in myself – coaching has given me the greatest gift of all – the courage to live the life I have always imagined.

~Heather, Photographer

Amy helps me increase my execution on my values. With her assistance,I have put family relationships on the right track, enhanced the communication in my relationships (especially with my girlfriend), and I am much better at prioritizing what I can go after today and not stressing what get’s left for tomorrow. She’s wonderful!

~Nicholas, Operational Development



My experience with coaching has allowed me the opportunity to see things from different perspectives, helping nudge me in the right direction toward a more fulfilled and authentic life. I continue to work towards having a more balanced life, and having a coach has helped me begin to identify my natural gifts and values so that I can utilize and honor them in a way that enriches not only my life but the lives of others.


Amy provides a safe place to let my guard down and truly express myself as we work together. She gently pushes me and encourages me to go to a deeper place that I likely would not have gone otherwise. When we are in conversation, I feel that there is something bigger than the two of us at work. Sometimes it’s absolutely magical! At the end of every session (whether it’s been difficult, challenging or light-hearted and fun), I always feel energized, more alive, confident and ready to engage in a new way whatever I’m facing at the moment.

~Ellie, Non-profit Program Associate


Amy, thank you for being such a fantastic coach and supporting me in my growth and development. I love your energy and enthusiasm… You always encourage me to truly challenge the negative beliefs that I hold and re-examine them in new ways. Thanks for providing me with new insights and great support!

~ Y.R., Entrepreneur

Having a Life Coach is such an amazing experience! In the time of my life that Amy was my coach, she was able to help me redirect my life into the path I wanted to be in. She was able to make life, for me, so much more rich and fulfilling! I am able to appreciate and better value my everyday life whether it be good or bad…it’s the experience that is truly fulfilling.

~Tiffany, Makeup Artist