Oh, love. I see you.

And, I hear you. You’re seriously terrified that this is all there is. Wondering if there is something *extra specially* wrong with you. Like, not everyone thinks like this, right? Wondering “why can’t I just be happy”?


And, approaching that extra scary place of wondering if there’s simply no hope for you. Watching super confident people from the distance thinking, “How is it even fucking possible to think like that?”

You second-guess everything you say and do. Did I offend him? Is she pissed at me? What if they unleash on me? What if I never find love? What I end up alone?

Panic. Panic. Fucking. Panic.

And, you’re smart. You KNOW what you *should* do. You should actually DO all that shit you’ve read in self-help books and on all those sassy-ass blogs. You “get” that you can change your thoughts and feelings… But…


But… HOW!? Ugh!!!


It feels too big. And hard. (Sexual pun intented.)


And it feels completely lonely. Like, you’re the only one who can’t seem to figure out all this “stand up for myself” shit. Like, all your besties are all the voices in your head. You know the ones. Those little voices telling you that you aren’t enough. No matter what. You simply aren’t enough.


And, let’s not forget how everyone thinks you have your shit together (I mean, those voices in your head certainly won’t let you). You have the killer career, or home, or spouse, or whatever, and you are still coming up empty. Everyone would SWEAR you have it all. “Damn, if I don’t have them all fooled,” you may be thinking.

Oh, love. I feel you. No really. I do. I’ve been there.

Photo Mar 18, 5 26 00 AMI’ve spent years finding my voice. Burried under other people’s thoughts and opinions and notions about who I should and shouldn’t be. I spent years as a damn-near SLAVE (drama intended) to highly restrictive religious dogma that constantly reminded me why I wasn’t enough.


I was motivated by two primary things: Guilt and fear. Fear of losing salvation. Fear of not fitting in. Fear of rocking the boat. Fear of speaking my truth and losing relationships. Guilt around following my intuition when it was in stark contrast to all the religious “rights” and “wrongs”.


I would even prep my husband on what he could and couldn’t say around my conservative family. Don’t talk about anything liberal… no Howard Stern, no John Stewart, no cussing, no global warming, pretend to do the lord’s will… you know the drill.


Hiding. People-pleasing. Silencing. Guilty.

And, all the while, I was the one with my shit together. Had her head on straight. Had the seriously rad husband. Had the killer job. (Told you that I felt you on the not-letting-anyone-in-on-the-pain thing.)


I was so sick and tired of being motivated from a place of guilt and fear. What the fuck kind of way to live is that? Isn’t this life about fulfillment, abundance, and joy? Yeah, lemme get a piece of that shit.


So, I began uncovering who I REALLY was. Taking my opinions out for a spin. I searched out people and places where tapping into ME was applauded (aka. A shit-ton of coaching classes, trainings, and seminars). Where “right” and “wrong” always looked different. I started to develop MY OWN sense of self. What I stood for. What I believed. And after a handful of breakdowns,


I found my voice.

Turns out it was there all along.

And, that’s what I can help you do.

I can show you the actual USABLE tools
to create radical change in your life.

Change like, actually saying “no” to your sister who always expects you to take care of things with the family. Change like, not having an out-of-body experience if you think someone doesn’t like or approve of you. Change like, actually telling your Mr. how you feel about not being heard in the relationship.


I can help you get YOU back.

And I can help you find your voice.

I’m Amy, by the way. Have I not even introduced myself yet? God, how rude. Anyway, yeah, I’m pretty sure I can help you. Why? Because that’s what I do. I’m a confidence coach and self-love expert. As in, I really like myself and everything in my life reflects that notion. I help people (ah-hem, YOU) access self-worth and confidence so they can live seriously badass, joyful lives.


In fact, that fancy image over there [points to the right of the screen] is my philosophy on how we’re going to get you there.


I’m talking serious JOY. Like, I can’t fucking believe this is my life kind of joy. Like, Hello! This life is one big orgasm kind of joy. Or a big bowl of Ben n’ Jerry’s S’mores Ice cream kind of joy… it’s kind of a toss up which is better. #donttellmrsmith

Since I’ve got this whole confidence thing on lock, I’m pretty *confident* I’m your new bestie. Why?

1stFirst off, I’ve been there. I am LIVING proof that you can take a stand for yourself, find your voice, love yourself, and be a total badass while doing it. AND… while still being totally kind to others. Whaaaaa!? Yeah. For reals.

2ndSecond, I speak your language. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not afraid of using “colorful” language. I’m super proud that I’m the same Amy in my biz as I am with my friends and Mr. Smith. I’m just me, dude. Let’s get you there, too. (Side note… although there is sooo a place for it, I’m not the coach to sprinkle goddess love juice all over you and read your aura and all that, so there’s that.)

3rdThird, I get results. I’ve worked with hundreds of people who have created TOOOOTALLY different lives. No more shit-talking to themselves. No more hiding. As in, people starting businesses they were terrified to start. Ending relationships they were afraid of ending. Standing up to family they were terrified to stand up to. Telling bosses what’s up. You feel me.

And most importantly, people who started really LOVING themselves. [mic drop].

4thFourth, I’m actually educated in this stuff. I know, right? You mean I’m not just a random who gives good advice and just threw up a site and started calling myself a coach? Nope.


I feel VERY strongly about being educated in the field of coaching, so I have a coaching certification (CPCC designation) through The Coaches Training Institute, a well-known pioneer educational establishment in the field of coaching. (aka. NOT just a weekend, online class saying “Wheeeeee, you’re a coach now!”)


Additionally, I am credentialed with the International Coaching Federation (ACC designation), which is currently the only governing body that oversees the coaching profession. Fancy, right? It is.


I also have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, but the coaching shit was waaaaay more fun. And meaningful.

5thFifth, I dress really well. Just kidding. Well, kind of. Funny thing… I tend to attract clients with FIERCE style… who also happen to be pretty damn smart.

6thSixth, I give away free shit ALL the time. And, I’m a hell-of-a-good time.

Finally, I really, really want you to stand-the-fuck-up for yourself.

I do this work because I know it’s absolutely possible.

Obvi, I’ve seen it in my life, but I’ve seen it over and over with the beautiful gems I work with. I want you to look in the mirror and love who you see. I want you to know that you MATTER. That your wants and needs matter.


I want you to know that your desires, dreams, thoughts, and opinions are JUST AS IMPORTANT as the next guy.


I want you to know that there is no universal criteria that deems you worthy. Who decided you were “not enough”? You did. So, let’s change that.


I want you to know you aren’t alone.

Your situation may be unique, sure, but how you feel? Nah. Overwhelm? Anxiety? Fear? Guilt? Yeah, I’ve been there too.

So, let’s get you to a place of Confidence. Peace. Self-love.

Let’s find your powerful, beautiful, worthy voice and let’s use it. Let’s get you waking in the morning with a smile. Loving the reflection in the mirror. Speaking kindly to yourself like a legit inner-bestie. Let’s get you going after all those dreams and kicking that inner shit-talker to the curb.


And, let’s get some of that orgasmic joy.

Yeah. Let’s.


First step?

My treat. On the house.

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You can do it. I promise.