4 Reasons Why ‘Selfish’ is the New Black [TJJS:EP098]


Ever find yourself dying for some alone time but you’re afraid if you ask for it, you will be deemed “selfish”? Know you really don’t want children but people tell you that’s “selfish”? Find yourself guilted into shit you don’t want to do because you’re afraid of appearing “selfish”? Afraid to take a weekend away without kids because… you guessed it, you’ll be “selfish’? In this week’s episode, Amy and Mr. Smith look at the social meaning of word “selfish”, why it is severely compromising our lives, and what to do about it. If taking time for yourself, speaking your mind, or being proud of yourself is cloaked in guilt and fear, you must have a listen. This pod explores:

  • Why being selfish can actually make you happier and so much more magnetic
  • You being selfish can radically change your decision-making
  • Why you need to surround yourself with more selfish people
  • Why being selfish is your only saving grace


The event mentioned in this episode is no longer available, but why not grab this FREE eWorkbook teaching you how to stand up for yourself without being a dick? Um. Yes, please.

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