How to Stop Fucking Apologizing and Over-Explaining [TJJS:EP095]

A listener recently wrote into the show looking for ways to stop saying “I’m sorry” all the time. Perhaps you find yourself in a similar boat. Commonly, we find ourselves apologizing or over-explaining our choices, beliefs, affinities, dislikes, whatever, which more often than not, comes from a motivation of guilt, fear, or insecurity. In this episode, Amy explores why we even feel the need to say “I’m sorry”, how to figure out what you really mean to say, and learn how to exercise empathy at the same time. This pod explores:

  • Why the words “I’m sorry” don’t really mean anything at all
  • How to feel compassion for someone but know their hardship isn’t your responsibility
  • How to explore why YOU personally may feel a pull to apologize to over-explain yourself and what to do about it
  • What practicing empathy really looks like and why we’re often scared shitless to do it

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