4 Things You Must Know about Self-Care [TJJS:EP85]


If you are a busy professional, student, or parent (or a blend), you surely know the slippery slope of being so caught up in your “to-do’s” that you easily lose sight of taking care of yourself. First, the workouts may slip, then maybe grabbing shit food instead of fueling your body correctly, then perhaps passing up fun social engagements, and one day you wake up and realize that your health is waning, your relationships aren’t stronger, and you’re working your ass off for… for what? For what exactly? To stay afloat? To be a kick-ass parent? To look great on paper? You are a better parent, employer, employee, student, wife, brother, EVERYTHING, if you make time to take care of yourself. Regularly. Often. Weekly. In this episode, Amy covers 4 self-care MUST-KNOWS to create a rich, joyful life… So you can be better for yourself… and in turn, better for others.

This pod explores:

  • What valuing your physical self really looks like
  • What taking care of your mind has to do with self-care
  • How to establish sacred time… and stick to it
  • How to scope out toxic self-care deterrents in your life


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