How to NOT Fuck Up Your New Year Resolutions [TJJS:EP082]

At this time of the year everyone is super pumped and determined to create a completely different year than the one prior. It’s no surprise that many people fall of the bandwagon by February (if they’re lucky) and usually wait to get excited for any further goal-setting until the next January. If you find yourself on this slippery slope, there is probably a very good reason for that. In this episode, Amy highlights 10 ways you can ensure you set fail-proof resolutions and goals that get you exactly what you want this year. This one 30-minute episode could completely change how successful you are at accomplishing your deepest desires for the coming year. This pod explores:

  • Why being specific and quantifiable is IMPERATIVE for accomplishing goals
  • How the people in your life can make or break your success in the new year
  • Why you need to be 100% selfish when you set your new year goals
  • How to fuel yourself with empowering thoughts that support your journey


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