Help! I Self-sabotage! [TJJS:EP074]

Ever feel like you know exactly what your *supposed* to do to get over an ex, start a new biz, get in shape, etc, but find yourself sabotaging all your efforts to create what you really want in your life? Congrats. You are totally normal. In this episode, Amy digs into why we often self-sabotage in areas where we really want to create a shift, what you can do to examine this behavior, and how to shift to more empowering actions. This pod explores:

  • How to get to the bottom of your self-sabotage and figure out the underlying, driving force to destructive behavior
  • How to fulfill your desires in a way that is healthy and moves you toward the results you desire
  • Specialized tools to increase your awareness around your choice of behaviors
  • How to call yourself out on your behavioral excuses


The video mentioned in this episode is no longer available, but why not grab this FREE eWorkbook teaching you how to stand up for yourself without being a dick? Um. Yes, please.

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