Supporting a Partner Who is in a Funk [TJJS:EP073]

Ever find your heart breaking because you see your partner going through such a tough time and you can’t, for the life of you, figure out how to support them or help them through this rough patch? In this episode Amy digs into what you CAN do to work through supporting a spouse who is depressed, in a funk, dealing with loss, hating their job, or any number of trying issues that can tear couples a part. This episode will outline concrete steps you can take today that will help break through the helpless feelings and aid you in stepping into personal power and action. This pod explores:

  • The one question to ask your bummed out spouse that can potentially change EVERYTHING
  • How to figure out exactly what YOU need and how to actually ask for it
  • How to establish a collaborative plan with your partner
  • How to be sure to take care of YOU while you’re being a badass supporter


The video series mentioned in this episode is no longer available, but why not grab this FREE eWorkbook teaching you how to stand up for yourself without being a dick? Um. Yes, please.

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