How-the-Hell to Find “Your Joy” a.k.a. How to Be Happy [TJJS:EP064]

It’s not uncommon to hear personal development experts talk about doing things “that light you up”. But, what if you don’t know what lights you up or don’t even know what that phrase means? Perhaps you know you want to be happy, but have no idea what it looks like to get there. In this episode, Amy addresses four tactics you can immediately employ to up your happiness quotient… a.k.a. figure out what “lights you up”. Not only will this episode shine light on what makes you happier, it will also help you identify why certain people/things/ideas DON’T make you happy. This pod explores:

  • Simple tools to help you identify the things that mean the most to you in your life
  • How to conduct happiness experiments and what to watch out for while you do it
  • How to figure out what is a “hell-yes” in your life
  • How to surround yourself with people who support your happiness (and maybe get rid of those who don’t!)


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