6 Steps to Becoming Physically Fit [TJJS:EP062]


Another awesome suggestion from a listener! If you’ve been telling yourself, “Man, I really need to get in shape” or “I really need to start working out”, but have failed to do anything about it, this episode is a must listen. In this show, Amy takes away all your excuses and shares 6 steps to figuring out exactly what a fit lifestyle looks like for you. It doesn’t have to be about working out everyday, hiring a trainer, or getting up at 4am. This pod covers easy-to-implement solutions for everyone. Yes, YOU. This pod explores:

  • The number one factor that influences fitness success
  • How to figure out the best fitness method for you… so you will actually DO IT
  • How to make a plan, get accountable, and take baby steps
  • How to stay connected to WHY you even want to be physically fit


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