Childolatry: Why Parenthood Today Kills Relationships & What to Do About It [TJJS:EP061]

Ever wonder if it’s actually possible to have a thriving marriage (or relationship) AND dedicate yourself to raising amazing children at the same time? If you’re like most people, chances are, your marriage takes a backseat to all things child-rearing, leaving you and your spouse less than satisfied in the relationship (and bedroom) department. Based on a recent article in Psychology Today, Amy addresses what seems to be an epidemic of sorts in todays’s relationships, and what PT terms “Childolatry: the worship of one’s children at the expense of one’s marriage” (Psych Today, August 2014). Check out this episode for tangible, real-world tips on how to preserve your relationship, intentionally parent your kids, and actually have some fucking fun while doing it. This pod explores:

  • The controversial Psychology Today article discussing how over-doting parenting is virtually destroying marriages
  • The crucial question to ask yourself to assess your current relationship satisfaction
  • Easy-to-implement systems and tips to restore romance and begin ENJOYING your relationship again

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY ARTICLE mentioned in this pod


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