I’m sure you have all been in this place: you have this spark of an idea… an inkling that keeps tapping you on the shoulder, nudging you to take action… But coincidentally, at the exact same time, you conveniently come up with all sorts of reasons why you can’t go after this big goal, idea, dream, or whatever. In order to provide you some comfort in taking the plunge, I’ve crafted some tell-tale signs that you are ONTO SOMETHING, baby, and your only job is to RUN WITH IT. If any of the following apply to you, take heart my friend, you are on to something huge and now all you have to do is TAKE ACTION.


1. Your first instinct is “that’s not possible” or “there’s no way”. For whatever fucked up reason, our gremlins (a coaching term for that pesky inner critic), go absolutely ape-shit when we are onto something. Your gremlin will always want you to stay safe… to stay comfortable, and status quo. When you get that first beautiful, lovely nugget of inspiration, your gremlin will immediately bombard you with all the reasons why it’s not possible. So, now that you know that, you can simply just not listen to their bullshit. [easy, right!]

2. You are scared as shit. (See reasons from #1)

3. You have no idea HOW. So many monumental achievements have been accomplished without knowing “the how”. You are no different. You don’t have to see your path in order to know what direction to walk. Let go of “the how”. It will be shown to you. Stay connected to what you REALLY truly want… meanwhile, kicking your gremlin’s ass to the curb.

You don’t have to see your path in order to know which direction to walk.


4. Your family or friends tells you it’s impossible. Ok, so, God bless ‘em, but not everyone in your life is comfortable being uncomfortable. When I told my old boss that I was starting my own biz, she immediately went into, “What are you going to do about benefits? What if you lose clients?” Now, she loved me dearly… I know that, but some people in your life may be locked into a false sense of security… or what is “realistic”. Be aware of the people in your life who are your TRUE CHAMPIONS and who will support you going after ANY goal, no matter how big, hairy or scary.

5. When you think about actually attaining this goal you tingle all over… it’s almost orgasmic. Listen, dude, that’s the Universe giving you a big, whopping thumbs-up. I seriously believe a life of fulfillment and happiness truly comes from following your bliss. So, if you’re getting a butterfly –in-the-tummy feeling… guess what? That’s your bliss. Your only job is to follow it.

6. You read the first 5 and thought, “Oh, my god, that’s me!!” Well!!? What are you waiting for? I just stripped you of your excuses. Get. Fucking. ON IT.