59 Easy Ways to Pay Attention to Your Relationship [TJJS:EP055]


Think you and your partner need an extravagant get-away to re-connect and invigorate your relationship? Nope. Although I’m sure that wouldn’t at all suck, what truly creates lasting and rewarding relationships is the attention we give them on a DAILY BASIS. Don’t wait until you’ve reached emergency status… That may be too late! Take the time to do simple, small, and often, non-time consuming habits to create the relationship you’ve always desired. Amy and Mr. Smith discuss tons of tips that have influenced their happy, 17-year union. This is a must listen if you feel you have no time to connect with your partner! This pod explores:

  • Super fun and inexpensive date ideas
  • Ways to create shared meaning (many take only seconds to do)
  • Fun ways to spice up your sex life
  • How to connect with your partner in rich ways EVERY DAY


The event mentioned in this episode is no longer available, but why not grab this FREE eWorkbook teaching you how to stand up for yourself without being a dick? Um. Yes, please.

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