How-the-hell to Get a Grip on Time Management with Guest Jessica Kupferman [TJJS: EP050]

Ever find yourself buried under a mountain of things to do and feel like you have no time to do it in? Feel like you are constantly over-commiting yourself? And, perhaps committing to shit you actually don’t want to do? And, perhaps you know if you got a grip on your time management, sooooo much in your life would unlock and feel fulfilling and rewarding. Tune in to this episode where Amy is joined by biz expert, Jessica Kupferman, as they discuss how to get a grip on your time by saying “no” to shit you don’t want to do, identifying where your time and energy are best expended, and how to establish boundaries with the “time-suckers” in your life.

Meet Jessica Kupferman, this week’s Guestie!

Jessica Kupferman helps small business owners and solopreneurs find their voice, create juicy online products and services and design their business by their own rules. As a branding and business consultant, she’s been featured on, NPR, SuccessfulWomenTalk, SocialBuzzOnAir and YogipreneurTV. She’s also been featured as a pop-culture commentator on TMZ Live! When she’s not consulting business owners on creating a kick-ass digital presence, you can find her interviewing fascinating lady entrepreneurs for her podcast, Lady Business Radio. Find out how to boost your online business, fall in love with your brand and make your own rules at


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