50 Ways to Boost Your Self-Love

  1. Stop Saying “yes” to shit you don’t want to do.
  2. Get rid of toxic people in your life.
  3. Figure out what sort of work would fuel your soul.
  4. Stop talking shit to yourself.
  5. Say negative thoughts out loud so you can hear how you are bullying yourself.
  6. Write out 10 positive mantras you can say to yourself instead of your negative self-talk.
  7. Get comfortable saying no.
  8. Only share your hopes and dreams with those capable of supporting you.
  9. Respect yourself. Your time, energy, value. Everything.
  10. Only have reciprocal relationships.
  11. Plan dates with yourself.
  12. Know what it takes for you to feel proud of yourself. And do it.
  13. Take care of your physical body.
  14. Nurture your mind. Educate yourself on shit that matters to you.
  15. Stop settling.
  16. Spend time on ALL the things that light you up.
  17. Work less.
  18. Learn the art of forgiveness. Of yourself.
  19. Don’t complain about anything you aren’t willing to change.
  20. Always look at what you CAN do. Stop focusing on CAN’T.
  21. Let go of the “should’s”.
  22. Let go of perfect. It doesn’t exist.
  23. Tend your your physical fitness.
  24. Listen to your intuition. Your gut instinct
  25. Write out your NEW STORY. What will be different from here on out.
  26. Stand up for yourself. Even if it’s uncomfortable.
  27. Watch your motives. How much are you doing just to make others happy?
  28. Know that other’s thoughts of you are THEIR responsibility.
  29. Nurture your spiritual self.
  30. Take care with your image. Value you physical vessel.
  31. Take care of your health. Get those checkups and doc visits.
  32. Give yourself the permission to feel what you feel. Know how you act on those feelings is your responsibility.
  33. Stop apologizing for yourself. Unless you fucked up. Otherwise, knock it off.
  34. Look people in the eye when you talk to them.
  35. Stand up straight.
  36. Tell yourself that you love and value the person that you are and who you are becoming.
  37. Know that you are capable of accomplishing anything you desire.
  38. Commit to being kind to yourself.
  39. Commit to reconditioning your internal talk.
  40. Let go of any victim-hood. Choose to be a survivor instead.
  41. Buy yourself something nice. But only if that’s a hard thing for you to do.
  42. Start your day by writing out what you are thankful for.
  43. Instead of asking “Why did this happen to me?” ask yourself, “What is my lesson?”
  44. Know that YOU are the only person in your way. Get the fuck out of the way.
  45. Practice being polite AND assertive at the same time.
  46. Know that pleasing yourself is WAY more important than pleasing others.
  47. Know that love of self is in YOU… It doesn’t come from anything external. Including other’s love of you.
  48. Surround yourself with people who really love themselves.
  49. Continue to set goals but always celebrate your successes.
  50. Implement this list. Doesn’t do shit if you just read it.