What To Do When You Doubt Yourself with Guest Michelle Ward [TJJS-Episode 48]


Ever feel like you’re on to something, and then all of a sudden an inner voice pops in and destroys your thunder? Ever spiral into an overwhelming place of self-doubt? Ever put on the breaks on because your inner shit-talker is just too loud? Tune in to this episode where Amy is joined by life coach, Michelle Ward, as they navigate the internal narrative that we all go through and offer tactical strategies for taking back your personal power and access a place of self-confidence.

Meet Michelle Ward, this week’s Guestie!

Michelle Ward has 1 question for you: What do you want to be when you grow up? She’s answered that question for herself, and today she helps women transition out of soul-sucking jobs and into work that feels like play. You may have seen or heard her on Etsy, AOL Jobs, Newsweek, SXSW, Freelancers Union, Psychology Today, the Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career list or 100+ other media outlets.

Her first published book, The Declaration of You, was co-written with the artist Jessica Swift and can be found on real and virtual bookshelves everywhere. Discover what you wanna be when you grow up at whenigrowupcoach.com


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