What to do When Your Friends/Fam Don’t Dig Your Spouse [TJJS-Episode046]


If you have ever found yourself at odds with your dearest love ones due to their not-so-supportive notions about who you’re dating or who you married, then you have to listen to this week’s episode! Amy is joined by psychologist, Gemma Stone, as they look at many ways people deal with unsupportive (but often well-meaning) friends and family who have vocal reasons why you shouldn’t date who you date, have married who you married, or operate the way you operate. They discuss the steps you can take to create ownership of your own relationship choices and how to establish clear and powerful boundaries… without being an asshole.

Meet Gemma Stone, this week’s Guestie!

A sought after psychologist and speaker, Gemma Stone has dedicated her life to the study of love, fear, and change. Gemma shares her work at colleges, conventions & conferences across North America. In her private practice she works one-on-one with clients, facilitates luxury retreats and creates customized programs for organizations.

When she’s not working with clients in her private practice or facilitating at the Great Life Redesign Retreat you can find her wrestling with her two boys, meditating with her mala beads & optimistically checking her mailbox for handwritten love notes.

Learn how to heal the past, love the present & light up the future at www.GemmaStone.org.


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