When/How to Let Go of a Relationship with Guest Sally Hope [TJJS-Episode045]


Ever been in a situation where your heart knows a relationship has run its course, but your mind rationalizes all the reasons you should tough it out? Um… yeah. Super common. And, painful. And, shitty. In this episode, Amy is joined by Life Coach, Sally Hope, as they discuss common ways people ignore their intuition and hang on to detrimental relationships well past their due dates. They also highlight simple steps you can implement when terminating a relationship, how to know if it really is time, and how to actually go through a breakup chapter and continue to preserve your personal power. If you’ve been settling for mediocrity in your relationship and your heart is tugging at you to make a change, this episode just may be the ass-kicking you need.

Meet Sally Hope, this week’s Guestie!

Hey there! I’m Sally Hope. Former touring musician, RV traveler, and current Renegade Life coach and leader of the Wildheart Revolution where I teach you how to “Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem. My biggest goal in life is to create the kind of community that will give you all the tools you need to live the life you’re put on this planet to live. That’s the Wildheart Revolution.

You can find me at Wildheartrevolution.com or on Facebook. I’m a Pun addict. Olive lover. Obsessed with motorcycle and cowboy boots. And you’ll never see me without a french manicure


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