4 Ways to Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship [TJJS:EP246]

4 Ways To Increase Intimacy

4 ways to increase intimacy

TTell me if I’m onto something here… You’d love to foster deeper connection and intimacy with your partner but you have zero idea where to start. And, let me guess… he/she isn’t making things any easier on you, amiright? You often find yourself thinking, “Well, why should I put any effort in? He never does.” Or, “I know how she’s going to respond, so I’d rather not even address it.” Or maybe “I can’t imagine anything changing, so why even bother?”

Well, I’ll tell you why you should bother. While you’re sitting around waiting for intimacy and connection to magically appear in your relationship, you are stuck in a vicious cycle of tit-for-tat and you still come up empty, frustrated, and lack the connection you are craving from your partner. Or perhaps you’re craving the connection that used to be there. Before the job. Before the kids. Before the in-law drama.

Well, here’s the great news: All is not lost. You can totally begin to foster a deeper connection and sense of togetherness with your partner in small, gentle ways. It doesn’t have to be a big, crack-myself-wide-open sort of convo. In fact, I would argue that some of the small, baby steps you can take toward intimacy can be wildly effective. In this episode, you’ll learn exactly what these small, baby steps look like so you can get back to the togetherness and intimacy you’ve been desiring!

This pod explores:

  • What-the-hell intimacy even means
  • How to create daily practices that dramatically increase the intimacy of your relationship
  • Super-fun and easy ideas to cultivate connection with your partner
  • Commonly overlooked ways to create physical intimacy with your partner


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