How to Stop Jumping to (Ridiculous) Conclusions [TJJS:EP180]

Stop jumping to conclusions

Stop jumping to conclusions

TTell me if this sounds familiar: You have a conversation with someone and you weren’t sure about how you came across to the other person, so you spend hours (or days) replaying the convo in your head, convincing yourself that they must totally think you’re an asshole or an idiot, or whatever, and before you know it, you’ve totally fabricated an entire scenario that doesn’t even exist and you’re convinced that person hates you and you might as well move out of the country.

Whew! So, yeah, I’ve gone down that rabbit hole a number of times. It can be so easy to allow our ambitious and creative minds to completely run away and jump to massive conclusions that are often extremely unfounded and also highly unlikely. We do the same thing with how we speak to ourselves too. We think “If that guy doesn’t want to see me again, I must be a total loser who is damaged and unlovable.” Wait. What!? Yeah, total jump to a ridiculous conclusion.

In this episode, I examine how we do this behavior in our own minds and also in our relationship to other people. Have a listen and learn some concrete tools to help you evade this common conclusion trap.

This pod explores:

  • The most common way we jump to detrimental conclusions about ourselves (and how to switch it!)
  • How to stop making up completely false and unfounded scenarios in your mind
  • How to focus on the facts of the situation instead of creating stories
  • How to gather nessessary information to stop your anxious mind



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