This Just In! You DO NOT Need to Explain Yourself [TJJS:EP179]

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Stop explaining myself

Stop explaining myself

IIf you’ve hung out with me for a while, you know that I’ve spoken often about NOT apologizing for yourself in regards to your wants, opinions, needs, and desires… As long as you express those wants, opinions, needs, and desires with grace + kindness. Through my work, and talking on this subject frequently, I’ve realized that there is a slippery way we apologize for ourselves through over-explaining.

Perhaps you can identify with this idea. I mean… the last time you were unable to make it to an event, did you simply decline or did you give a lengthy explanation why you couldn’t make it? Or how ’bout over-explaining a decision you’ve made… like, not wanting kids or opting to be vegan or moving across the country or getting tattooed. Are you comfortable just stating that or do you feel the need to explain WHY you made those choices?

Listen, there are certainly going to be those people in your life who you love having convos with about the various choices you’ve made. And then… And then, there’s aaaaall those other instances where you really don’t want to get sucked into the 3rd degree about why you aren’t married yet. Amiright? In this episode, I’ll help you sort through where you tend to get sucked into the over-explaining trap, how to know if you really want to engage in the convo, and how to find some serious confidence in your choices, opinions, and stances.

This pod explores:

  • How to identify where you tend to over-explain yourself (what triggers you)
  • How to know when you actually do want to explain where you’re coming from, what choices you’ve made, or opinions you hold dear
  • How to get out of answering questions you don’t have any interest in answering… without being an asshole about it
  • The most common way people tend to over-explain themselves when it’s absolutely not necessary

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