6 Things You Must Address to Live a Happy Life [TJJS:EP169]

Secret to happiness

Secret to happiness


SSo you’ve checked all the boxes. You got a good education. You settled down and got married. You pursued the career. You even bought the house, had the kids, the whole thing. And yet, you still wake up some days wondering, “Is this all there is? Is this it?” And maybe you even ask yourself, “What can’t I just be fucking HAPPY!? What is the secret to happiness!!?”

I mean, you SHOULD be, right? You checked all those god-damned boxes. You did all the things. All the things that are supposed to yield happiness and somehow you’re still coming up empty. I mean… WTF!?

You wouldn’t believe how incredibly common this is. Like, staggeringly common. We live in a society that tells us how we should live our lives and in turn, how we should feel about it. So, you get to this stage of the game and you’re like, wait a minute, why don’t I feel happy?

In this week’s episode, I spill 6 suuuuper common you may be stifling your own happiness and ALL of them are typically done subconsciously… so yeah, you prob have no idea you’re even doing them! Have a listen and get your happy back. Boom.

This pod explores:

  • Why your value system is EVERYTHING and probably the biggest factor in your personal joy (even though it’s such a YAWN! topic… I get it)
  • Why your routine and auto-pilot schedule may be squashing your happiness + how to shift it
  • How to navigate the constant need for approval… ugh
  • How to make choices on purpose instead of constantly residing in SHOULDsville, USA



Join me for a 12-week, group coaching immersion designed to help you access and uncover radical self-love, worthiness, and self-acceptance. Wanna know what it’s all about?

This program is about speaking up for yourself when you have always been silent. It’s about BELIEVING in your worth… and actually creating your own worthiness. It’s about setting boundaries and learning to say “No” to shit that doesn’t serve you. It’s about creating a new relationship with fear so that you are no longer paralyzed, but rather operate from courage and confidence. It’s the ability to be criticized and rejected and NOT be destroyed by it. It’s learning to let go of everyone else’s opinions and making what YOU want important.

And, it’s about figuring out what really makes you YOU.

Want the specifics? Of course you do. Simply swing by this page or click the image above to secure your seat!

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