The Pain Involved with Standing Up for Yourself [TJJS:EP162]


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The pain of standing up for yourself

The pain of standing up for yourself

IIf you’re like many of my clients and students, you have likely found yourself super inspired to start speaking up for yourself… even to those tough peeps (hi, mom) who make it extremely challenging. You muster all your new-found courage and go broach the challenging topic at hand with the challenging person at hand, and BOOM! “Said person” doesn’t get what you’re trying to share, totally doesn’t respect any boundaries you propose, and hurls so much guilt and hurt your way, you’re not totally sure you’ll survive.

You’re left vacillating between two very opposing emotions. On one hand, you are super, fuckin’ proud of yourself for taking a stand and spelling out some tough boundaries. But on the other hand, you’re terribly hurt, bummed out, and deeply saddened that your loved one and you are at odds.

Listen, when you start speaking up for what YOU want for a change, there are going to be people in your life who just do not like the new, “empowered you”. They may be mean, make you wrong, or push guilt on you like no one’s biz. But, all is not lost. In fact, this episode is all about navigating the pain of standing up for yourself, deciding what the healthiest choices are for you, and owning your personal power like a total badass.

This pod explores:

  • How to resist the urge to “make someone like you” after the two of you have had a tough convo (even if they’re super pissed at you, but you totally don’t think you did anything wrong)
  • What to watch out for if you’re a “recovering” people-pleaser
  • How to use the other person’s reaction to know if you’re on the right track or not
  • How self-talk filters into the equation and the exact phrase I use to stay connected to my peace




  • What if you stopped being soooo invested in what everyone else thinks?
  • What if you actually stopped talking shit to yourself and beating yourself up for every little thing?
  • What if you actually believed that you were ENOUGH?
  • And what if you stopped making everyone else waaaaay more important than yourself?
Wait, whaaaaa!? Yeah. It would be pretty damn amazing right? Wanna know how? I’ll teach you! Click the image to the right or go HERE to find out about my latest online course! [squeal!!] Yes, please!!

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