How to Stop Trying to Control Shit Out of Your Control [TJJS:EP161]


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Why do I want to control everything

Why do I want to control everything

EEver find yourself soooo furious when someone doesn’t do/say/be something you want them to? Or how about stressing out for days wondering if you landed that new job (which you can’t control) or if you’re going to be asked out again by you-know-who (also out of your control)? Or maybe you lose your shit if someone who is trying to “help” you isn’t doing it right? And perhaps you find yourself wondering, “Why do I want to control everything?”

In this episode, we look at the psychological and evolutionary reason why we try our damnedest to forecast every incident in our lives… aka CONTOL. Trying to force things into existence. Make your ex do something. Make someone hire you. Make someone ask you out again. And, while you’re spun out obsessing about how to control all these scenarios, you’re left feeling frustrated, empty and ultimately quite unhappy.

We also look at how our compulsion to control actually does serve us and contribute to our happiness and how to figure out the difference. Have a listen and learn how to loosen up that death-grip on control. You won’t die. Promise.

This pod explores:

  • The psychological reason we are compelled to control events and people in our lives and what to do about it
  • How to truly allow yourself to want the result you crave, without obsessing all. damn. day.
  • How to craft a new definition of success that allows you to win every time, with every thing, and everyone
  • My fav mantra formula to let go of shit you can’t control




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  • How to stop talking shit to yourself: You may not realize it, but the way you speak to yourself has you CONVINCED that you have to do everything for everyone. (Like, “If I don’t work late, then my boss will think I’m a dick… and god, I don’t want to be a dick!”) 
  • How to stop taking responsibility for everyone else’s happiness shit: I’m going to teach you the biggest GAME-CHANGER in shifting the belief that you have to make everyone else happy. (As in, you’ll stop saying “Sure! I’ll bake 400 hundred cupcakes for my kid’s class by tomorrow” even though you’re so fucking exhausted you can’t see straight.)
  • How to actually feel like “enough”: Ever feel like you’re “not smart enough”, “not pretty enough”, “not young enough” – Just fucking NOT ENOUGH? We’re going to knock that shit off. For reals. 
  • How to let go of what everyone else thinks:You’ll learn my favorite strategy for letting go of what everyone else thinks and start taking care of yourself. #yesplease

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