5 Signs You’re Being a Victim [TJJS:EP158]

Victim Mentality

Victim Mentality


II know the drill… You would totally be able to figure shit out if only your ex wasn’t such an asshole… Or, you totally could move up in the company, if only your boss wasn’t such an asshat. You would for sure have a great relationship with your sister if only she wasn’t such a dick about everything. In essence… you could totally be happy if only everyone else got their shit together.

Sound familiar? Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying it’s okay that your boss micromanages your ass or that it’s okay that your ex is making things hella challenging, but what I am saying is staying locked into blame and constant complaining is creating (albeit subconsciously) a total victim mentality on your part.

Wait, whaaaaa!? Yep. You. When you get stuck in the rat race of chronic “blame + complain”, you unknowingly give away all your power to people and circumstances you can’t control, perpetually feel like shit because you can’t control those things/people, and end up not doing anything to alter the situation. I mean, it’s so-and-so’s fault, right?

Wrong. Listen, you are waaaaaay too smart to live your life as a victim. Even if you had no idea you were doing so. Have a listen and see if you’ve been unknowingly residing in Martyrdomsville and what you can actually do to change it. Like, yesterday.

This pod explores:

  • How to be pissed at people and situations WITHOUT getting lost in Blame + Complain
  • Why saying shit like, “Of course this would happen to me” is doing NOTHING to aid in your personal power
  • How to stop trying to “one up” people with your current shitty set of affairs (as in, “You think your sitch sucks, just listen to my story…”)
  • Why you need to stop saying “Why me?” Like, NOW.

Comedy Clips:

  • News Clip of Antoine Dodson: Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife. And, be sure to listen past minute 2 so you can see the #epic song remix version. You’re welcome.

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